Wheel Chocks for Trucks

Wheel chocks designed for at-home use with large pick-up trucks, heavy equipment, or other vehicles can help prevent unintentional movement or rolling. To prevent injury or property damage, it is important to ensure that residential trucks and vehicles are secured when not in use. It is especially important to ensure that vehicles parked on a slope or incline do not move inadvertently.

Checkers is the industry leader in at-home safety equipment. Wheel chocks from Checkers can be easily placed behind the wheels of your truck or other vehicle to stop unwanted movement. To help you find wheel chocks that are best suited to your truck or residential vehicle, here is a look at wheel chocks from Checkers intended for at-home use. 

Pickup Truck Wheel Chocks from Checkers

Rubber Wheel Chocks

Rubber general-purpose wheel chocks from Checkers are ideal for at-home use with trucks or other vehicles. Rubber wheel chocks feature a durable rubber construction that is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, making them perfect for use in garages. Many rubber wheel chocks from Checkers incorporate a ribbed pyramid design that offers maximum grip and prevents unintentional rolling while vehicles are at rest.

Either side of a rubber wheel chock can be placed against the tire of a truck or vehicle to prevent movement. These chocks also feature eyebolts for ropes and chains. Rubber wheel chocks are intended for use in all weather conditions and will not rot or warp like wooden chocks. Wheel chocks from Checkers will secure your vehicle without damaging tires, even after prolonged use. 

Urethane Wheel Chocks

General-purpose urethane wheel chocks from Checkers feature an innovative urethane construction that is resistant to a variety of oils and chemicals. Urethane wheel chocks are designed for a high load capacity, making them ideal for heavy trucks and other vehicles. The lightweight polyurethane design makes these chocks easy to carry and install. Urethane chocks are also designed to resist most solvents and fuels, making them ideal for use almost anywhere.

The high-visibility color of Checkers’ urethane chocks makes them easy to spot even in bad weather conditions. Mounting holes and recessed carrying handles give users the option to link chocks together for easier transportation. Urethane chocks are available in a single or roped-pair option.  

Wheel Chocks Help Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Using wheel chocks to secure your truck or vehicle at home can prevent unintentional rolling or inadvertent vehicle movement when not in use. According to a National Safety Council (NSC) publication about safety on the loading dock, wheel chocks are a vital component of truck safety. Using wheel chocks is particularly important during loading or unloading because trucks are more likely to roll.

Keeping wheel chocks in your truck or garage makes it easy and convenient to place chocks behind the wheel of your vehicle prior to loading or unloading. It’s a simple safety measure that will yield a high degree of vehicle safety. Wheel chocks from Checkers feature a lightweight design that makes them easy to transport and install. 

Find the Wheel Chocks that are Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment for industrial, commercial, and public facilities. Wheel chocks intended for home use can help ensure that rolling vehicles do not cause property damage. Wheel chocks from Checkers are lightweight for convenient transportation and easy installation. To find the right wheel chocks for your truck or other vehicle, take a look at our extensive selection of wheel chocks intended for at-home use.