Wheel Chocks for Auto Repair Facilities

In an auto repair facility, technicians and service personnel routinely work on a wide range of vehicles as they perform diagnostics or repairs. To protect these employees, it is important that vehicles are properly secured to prevent unintentional movement. An unsecured vehicle could result in injury to personnel or damage to facilities. Wheel chocks can help prevent workplace accidents by securing at-rest vehicles.

Checkers is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment designed for commercial, industrial, and public facilities. Wheel chocks from Checkers will help protect technicians and mechanics in auto repair facilities as they service vehicles. To help you find wheel chocks that are right for your facility, here is an outline of wheel chocks from Checkers that are ideal for an auto repair facility.

Wheel Chocks from Checkers

General-Purpose Urethane Wheel Chocks

Urethane wheel chocks from Checkers are ideal for securing at-rest vehicles in an auto repair facility. These wheel chocks feature a durable-urethane construction that is resistant to oils and chemicals. Because of their oil-resistant design, urethane wheel chocks won’t rot or splinter like chocks made from wood. Urethane wheel chocks incorporate a high-visibility design so they can be seen from a distance or in hard-to-see environments.

General-purpose urethane wheel chocks also feature a high-load capacity and are suitable for securing heavy vehicles. These wheel chocks are available as a single chock or as a roped pair. The mounting holes and recessed carrying handles of the urethane chocks make them easy to install and transport. Urethane chocks from Checkers are third-party tested to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

Multi-Purpose Solid Rubber Wheel Chocks.

Rubber wheel chocks from Checkers are constructed from solid rubber and are suitable for use in a variety of weather conditions. Rubber wheel chocks are resistant to corrosive liquids such as oils or lubricants, which are commonly used in an auto repair facility. These chocks are ideal for securing at-rest vehicles during repairs.

Rubber wheel chocks are also designed so that either side of the chock can be placed against the tire—making them easier to install than other chocks. The ribbed design featured in many rubber wheel chocks from Checkers offers maximum grip for reliable prevention of vehicle movement.

Prevent Injuries with Wheel Chocks

Because wheel chocks designed for the auto repair industry are intended to secure at-rest vehicles and prevent unintentional rolling, they are an essential workplace safety component for auto garages or repair shops. Wheel chocks provide protection for service personnel—such as technicians or mechanics—as they perform diagnostics or repairs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were roughly 7,000 injuries sustained on the job by personnel in the auto repair industry in 2019. The most likely cause of these injuries—according to the report issued by the BLS—was contact with parts, materials, and vehicles.

Wheel chocks can reduce workplace injury by preventing accidental collisions. By placing wheel chocks behind a vehicle’s tires, workers can ensure that the vehicle remains motionless while repairs are performed. Wheel chocks from Checkers are lightweight and easy to install. To protect your employees, consider making wheel chocks a part of your facility’s safety protocols.

Find the Wheel Chocks that are Right for Your Facility

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment designed for industrial, commercial and everyday use. Wheel chocks from Checkers designed for the auto repair industry will help protect technicians and service personnel from rolling or unsecured vehicles. Take a look at our extensive inventory and find the safety equipment that is right for you.