Speed Bumps for Use in Home Driveways and Residential Areas

Speed bumps and speed humps designed for use in home driveways and residential areas reduce vehicle driving speeds to protect pedestrians and property. Checkers offer a wide range of vehicle speed bumps that are ideal for residential environments and neighborhoods. To help you find the vehicle and motion safety equipment that is right for you, here is a look at some of the speed bumps available from Checkers.

Speed Bumps Available Form Checkers

Standard Recycled Plastic Speed Bump

Recycled plastic speed bumps from Checkers feature a durable construction that will not chip or crack under heavy vehicle loads. In addition, these speed bumps are designed to be highly visible and never need to be painted. The recycled plastic used to manufacture these speed bumps is resistant to gas, oil, salt, sunlight, and chemicals, and they can easily be installed by one person. Recycled plastic speed bumps are available in multiple sizing options as well as a deluxe configuration. These speed bumps are also available with a steel spike or lag bolt mounting hardware.

Easy Rider Speed Bump

The Easy Rider speed bump is ideal for home driveways or residential areas. These speed bumps are designed to slow vehicle traffic down to 2-5 mph to protect pedestrians and property. In addition, Checkers speed bumps feature modular construction that will adjust to the contour of uneven surfaces such as gravel or asphalt.

The molded highway reflective tape offers maximum visibility for drivers in hard-to-see conditions. The Easy Rider speed bumps are manufactured using recycled rubber resistant to UV light, ice, road salt, gas, and oil. These speed bumps can be easily installed by one person and are the perfect maintenance-free option for home environments.

Alley Bump Speed Bump

The Ally Bump speed bump is ideal for addressing cut-through traffic in residential areas. These speed bumps are designed to slow vehicles down to a safe driving speed in order to protect pedestrians and property.  In addition, the Ally Bump speed bump features pre-drilled holes for easy installation on concrete or asphalt.

These speed bumps offer a durable recycled rubber construction designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, heavy vehicle loads, UV light, and oil. The Ally Bump speed bump requires no routine maintenance and will not chip, crack, or rot over time. In addition, these speed bumps also incorporate an underside channel that is intended to facilitate drainage and cover sensitive cables or pipes.

Safety Rider Middle Speed Hump

For a more gradual speed hump option in residential areas and home driveways, the Safety Rider speed hump features a smooth profile that will slow vehicles down to roughly 10-15 mph. These speed humps are constructed from high traction rubber that will not crack, chip or break, and the modular design allows users to extend the speed hump to any designed length. The Safety Rider speed hump is easy to install and remove for convenient storage or relocation.

Find the Residential Speed Bump that is Right for You

Speed bumps and speed humps from Checkers are ideal for creating a safe environment in residential areas and home driveways. Implementing speed bumps in your home will help reduce vehicle driving speeds and protect pedestrians and property. In addition to speed bumps, Checkers also offers a wide range of safety equipment intended for the everyday user, including warning whips, ground protection matting, and wheel chocks. Take a look at our selection of safety solutions designed for the everyday user and find the products that are right for you.