Cable Protection Covers and Ramps for Cords, Wires and Hoses

  • Heavy-Duty Cable Protectors

    Constructed for the toughest environments, heavy-duty cable protectors are suited for protecting cables, hoses from vehicles and foot traffic. Linebacker® and Yellow Jacket® cable protectors are used in construction and industrial settings.

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  • Medium-Duty Cable Protectors

    Get high-performance protection for cables and hoses in a variety of working environments. Medium-duty cable protectors are designed to provide safe crossing for vehicles and pedestrians over sensitive cables. Ramp design offers smooth transitions.

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  • Low Profile Cable Protectors

    Guard Dog® low-profile cable protectors are compact, top-loading cable guards suitable for areas with pedestrian and vehicle traffic. These feature a 5-channel design with a reinforced hinged cable cover for fast cable placement.

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  • Light-Duty Cable Protectors

    Light-duty modular interlocking cable protectors feature heavy-duty L-connectors for quickly deploying covered cable runs of any length, including angled runs with the addition of corner cable protector accessories. Choose from 1- and 2-channel strips.

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  • ADA Cable Protectors

    Designed to provide a seamless transition from ground to surface, our ADA cable protectors incorporate ramps with a more gradual rise than other cable protector ramps. Enables wheelchairs, carts, and pedestrians to cross over more easily.

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  • Overhead Cable Management Systems

    A robust and easy-to-install cable management system provides a simple solution to overhead cable safety problems, suspending cables and overhead hose systems to keep work areas safe and clutter-free - a simple solution to meeting OSHA regulations.

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  • Hose Bridges

    Utility bridge crossover systems are ideals for creating a vehicle and pedestrian bridge in any area where large-diameter hoses are used. Hose bridges feature a polyurethane construction designed to protect against large vehicles and equipment.

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  • Extreme Crossover Systems

    Extreme cable crossovers provide maximum protection for cables and hoses used in mining and construction applications. These cable protectors feature a heavy-duty urethane construction that is designed to withstand thousands of pounds of weight.

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  • Parts & Accessories for Cable & Hose Protection

    Cable protection parts and accessories can be implemented in conjunction with existing cable protectors to give users greater utility. For environments with unique or challenging layouts, accessories such as end caps or turns are available.

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Featured Products

  1. 5-Channel Guard Dog® Cable Protectors for 1.325" Lines - GD5X125
    5-Channel Guard Dog® Cable Protectors for 1.325" Lines - GD5X125
    Model No: GD5X125-O/B / GD5X125-B/B
    As low as $256.00
  2. 5-Channel Low-Profile Guard Dog® ADA Cable Protector for .75" Cables - GD5X75
    5-Channel Low-Profile Guard Dog® ADA Cable Protector for .75" Cables - GD5X75
    Model No: GD5X75-O/B / GD5X75-B/B / GD5X75-O/BLU
    As low as $364.00

Checkers Safety™ offers the most extensive line of cable protection systems in the world. Our high-performance cable/hose protectors can provide safe crossing for pedestrians, vehicles, and heavy equipment while keeping valuable cables and cords protected. Cable protectors from Checkers Safety feature patented designs and innovative connector systems and are made in the USA.

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