Military Safety Equipment

Checkers manufactures a wide variety of workplace safety and asset protection equipment for the military. Fully compliant with United States Military Standard (MIL-SPEC), our products are engineered in collaboration with military compliance officers, ensuring they work with a wide range of equipment and vehicles.

Military Safety Products

Our products are built from the highest-quality materials and designed to withstand the harshest and most extreme conditions faced by military personnel. They include:

Ground Protection Mats

Manufactured from composite material, our ground protection mats come in a heavy-duty variant that can support heavy equipment such as cranes and tanks and a more lightweight version designed for trucks and light military vehicles.

Vehicle Motion Safety

Checkers offers different products such as parking stops and speed bumps designed to ensure both vehicular and pedestrian safety on the base. As an added bonus, many of these same safety signals and devices can be used in tandem with signage to cordon off hazardous areas in the event of an accident or emergency.

Wheel Chocks

Known worldwide, our chocks are some of the strongest and lightest on the market. Whether you're using them to secure standard vehicles or military aircraft, positioning them correctly is incredibly simple. Checkers offers both vehicle wheel chocks and aviation chocks, depending on your unit's unique needs.

Cable & Hose Protection

Crafted out of durable polyurethane, our cable protectors are stronger and lighter than most other products on the market. This means they're also significantly more portable and easier to set up. Our cable and hose protectors come in several different models, including hinged-lid, drop-over, open-topped, low-profile and AD ramps.

Understand the Rules and Regulations

As a public sector organization, you're subject to more than just the standard Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations around fuel storage, fall protection, cable management and vehicular safety. The military, including the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marines, has its own set of standards to adhere to as well.

The first of these is the United States Military Standard, or MIL-SPEC. Intended to achieve standardization between the different branches of the military, MIL-SPEC is a series of guidelines centered around processes, materials, technical specifications and design requirements. These documents are divided into six categories, each one covering a certain facet of military design.

Although only one of these documents directly touches on safety, you must still account for them from a workplace safety perspective, as any equipment you use on the base must be MIL-SPEC compliant.

The second document you must familiarize yourself with is The Army Safety Program. This comprehensive, 165-page document covers every facet of workplace safety, from accident reporting to fuel storage to explosives and radiation management to general system safety standards. Per this document and general OSHA standards, from an equipment perspective, you must see to the following:

  • Wheel chocks for all military vehicles, including trucks, tanks, and aircraft.
  • Cables and hoses must be properly shielded and secured. This prevents damage to equipment, eliminates a potential tripping hazard, and safeguards against electrical shock.
  • Workspaces must be free of obvious tripping and slipping hazards.

Get the Right Compliant Military Safety Equipment 

Military agencies are required by law to ensure their bases follow proper safety procedures and leverage the right equipment, but that’s not the only reason to maintain a safe environment. The military also has an obligation to protect the brave men and women who work tirelessly every day to keep our country safe.

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