Home Theater Cable Organizers

Home theaters involve a combination of high-end audio and video equipment to imitate a movie theater experience. These systems typically involve connecting multiple pieces of equipment using wires and cables. Without the proper safety equipment, loose cables can potentially lead to injuries resulting from trips and falls. According to an injury facts report from the National Safety Council (NSC), trips and falls were the second most common type of preventable injury occurring in residential contexts in 2020.

Home theater cable organizers from Checkers are designed to safely house cables and wires to protect expensive equipment and prevent injuries. Checkers is the industry leader in residential safety equipment designed for the everyday user. To help you find the home theater cable organizer that is right for you, here is a look at some of the cable protectors intended for use in a residential context.

Home Theater Cable Organizers Available from Checkers

Rubber Duct Cable Protectors

Rubber Duct cable protectors are designed to protect and hide cables and wires in various residential contexts. These cable protectors feature a durable construction that  protects sensitive cables and reduces tripping hazards. Multiple sizes are available for different cable diameters, and the grooved underside of these cable protectors will provide maximum traction. Optional carpet kits are available to reduce sliding.

Fastlane Cable Protectors

The Fastlane cable protector from Checkers is a drop-over cable cover that can be used to provide instant protection for loose cables and wires in a home theater. These cable protectors feature patented L-connectors that allow users to extend cable protection up to any length and a 5-bar tread surface that offers maximum traction. Fastlane cable protectors are available in a variety of sizes and channel options.

Grip Guard Cable Protectors

Grip Guard cable protectors from Checkers are designed to be easy to transport and install. These cable protectors feature an ultra-light polyurethane construction resistant to oils and lubricants.  In addition, the recessed carrying handle on the Grip Guard makes it easy to transport, and the gripper connection system enables users to easily snap cable protectors together to create extended runs.

Cable Protector Parts and Accessories

Cable protector parts and accessories are designed to work in conjunction with existing cable protection systems in challenging or unique layouts. Products such as end caps or turns enable users to extend their cable runs into hard-to-reach areas. Turns are available in 45- and 90-degree options and can be used to direct cable runs into multiple configurations.

Anti-slip rubber traction pads are available to prevent cable protectors from sliding. Traction pads are ideal for hard or slick surfaces such as wood, tile, or concrete. Checkers also offers superglue replacement bottles for anti-slip traction kits.

Find the Cable Protector that is Right for You

Home theater cable organizers from Checkers will help declutter living areas and prevent injuries resulting from trips and falls. Checkers is the industry leader in home safety equipment designed for the everyday user. Our safety products are used in a variety of recreational and residential contexts to prevent personal injury and to protect expensive equipment.

In addition to home theater cable organizers, Checkers also offers wheel chocks that are designed to secure at-rest vehicles and prevent unintentional rolling, ground protection matting that will protect sensitive lawns and agricultural areas, and warning whips that will help maximize vehicle visibility in hard-to-see contexts. Take a look at our selection of safety solutions designed for the everyday user and find the equipment that is right for you.