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Cable Protectors

Checkers Safety can provide your job site with above-ground cable protection ramps and covers for light use traffic to heavy-duty extreme crossovers.

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Wheel Chocks

Checkers offers a wide range of single or roped pairs of wheel chocks for blocking the tires of trucks, vehicles, and aircraft, both small and large.

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Ground Protection

Ground protection solutions are designed to displace the weight of heavy vehicles, allowing them to easily move through mud, sand, and other adverse terrains.

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Warning Whips

Industrial strength vehicle warning whips from Checkers are designed to help identify vehicles, equipment, or important locations at work sites.

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Vehicle & Motion Safety

Checkers carries an assortment of vehicle and motion safety products such as wheel chocks, warning whips, barricade lights, parking lot safety items, and more.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Goggle retainers from Checkers are used to help retain protective eyewear securely to hard hat when goggle not in use.

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Featured Products

  1. 5-Channel Guard Dog® Cable Protectors for 1.325" Lines - GD5X125
    5-Channel Guard Dog® Cable Protectors for 1.325" Lines - GD5X125
    Model No: GD5X125-O/B / GD5X125-B/B
    As low as $272.00

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Our mobile showroom is a traveling showcase of our most popular products. With working equipment for demonstration and training, the showroom allows for a clean, socially distant product experience to ensure everyone’s safety. Get hands-on experience, all without leaving your facility!

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