Checkers Safety Products for Home and Recreational Use

Checkers Safety is the leader in industrial and commercial safety equipment. Our products provide personnel and facilities with the tools they need to create safer working environments. In addition to workplace safety, Checkers manufactures many products designed for residential and recreational use.

We provide the everyday customer with the equipment they need to safely conduct various residential or leisurely activities. Here is a look at some of the safety products designed by Checkers to protect your family, friends and assets during residential and recreational activities. To help you find the product that’s right for you, we’ll also outline some of the use cases for various safety equipment.

Residential Safety Equipment

Wheel Chocks 

For large vehicles or equipment parked at your residence, wheel chocks can help secure at-rest vehicles and prevent rolling. Checkers wheel chocks are engineered to ensure optimal strength. Our wheel chocks feature an all-weather polyurethane construction that is resistant to oils, tears, and solvents. Polyurethane wheel chocks are also easier to transport and store than heavy steel or aluminum wheel chocks.

Wheel chocks are particularly important for large vehicles—such as RVs or utility vehicles—that are typically kept in residential areas. If your home or driveway is situated on an incline, a wheel chock can help prevent unwanted rolling and will give you peace of mind. 

Cable Covers 

Checkers Safety offers cable covers for every residential need. Whether you’re looking for a home cable cover to secure cables in offices or living spaces, or an exterior cable cover that will withstand the elements, we have the right cable cover for you. Cable covers from Checkers feature a durable polyurethane construction and a modular interlocking design that allows users to extend cable protection to any desired length. 

Ground Stabilization

Ground protection and ground stabilization mats offer reliable working platforms for heavy vehicles and equipment. For residential projects, ground stabilization mats allow equipment to traverse sensitive areas without damaging lawns or other ecosystems.

Ground stabilization and protection mats are designed to displace the weight of heavy vehicles such as utility trucks, lawn equipment, or construction vehicles. These mats can also help prevent cross contamination between soil, lawns, and hard surface areas. Before starting your next home project, consider implementing ground stabilization matting to protect your home’s lawn from damage by heavy equipment.

Recreational Safety Equipment 

Warning Whips 

Warning whips from Checkers help maximize the visibility of motorized vehicles in hard-to-see areas. For recreational activities, these warning whips can be mounted on ATVs or mopeds to increase visibility for pedestrians and other motorists. Warning whips from Checkers feature a threaded hex base for easy mounting and a fluorescent flag for maximum visibility. 

Wheel Chocks

Before you set out on your next camping or fishing trip, make sure you have a set of wheel chocks for your vehicles and equipment. It’s important to secure heavy vehicles like RVs or campers using wheel chocks.

These chocks will help prevent unwanted rolling when vehicles are parked on an incline. Wheel chocks also help secure smaller motorized vehicles such as ATVs and mopeds during storage or transportation. 

Cable Covers 

Cables are commonly used to supply power and water in and around RVs. These cables can become a tripping hazard if left unsecured. Cable protectors from Checkers help secure loose cables and protect them from being damaged by weather or foot traffic while also helping prevent trips and falls. 

Prevent Accidents with Residential or Recreational Safety Equipment 

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), falls represent about 29% of all injury-related accidents that occur in the home. According to the report, many of these accidents are preventable. In 2020, the NSC reported that hundreds of thousands of recreational injuries involving motorized equipment—such as ATVs or mopeds—occurred due to improper or unsafe use. 

Proper safety equipment can help prevent residential and recreational accidents. Warning whips, wheel chocks, and cable protectors are relatively small investments that can make a big difference in the overall safety of your home or your next recreational outing. 

Find the Residential or Recreational Safety Equipment that is Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment designed for industrial, commercial, and everyday use. Before your next home project or recreational outing, make sure you have the safety equipment you need to protect family, friends, and assets. Take a look at our extensive inventory and find the residential and recreational safety equipment you need to safeguard your family.