Warning Whips for ATVs

All-terrain vehicles—or ATVs—are four-wheeled motorized vehicles used in a wide range of industries such as forestry and surveying operations. ATVs are also commonly used for off-road recreational purposes. Whether operating an ATV for commercial, public or recreational activities, it is important to follow proper safety guidelines and utilize equipment designed to minimize the risk of injury while operating an all-terrain vehicle.

A warning whip is used to identify vehicles in a variety of operational contexts and weather conditions. Warning whips designed for ATVs can provide optimal visibility to minimize the potential for collisions. Checkers is the industry leader in industrial, commercial and recreational safety equipment. To help you find the warning whip that is right for you, here is an overview of Checkers’ whips  designed for use with ATVs. 

ATV Warning Whips from Checkers 

Light-Duty Warning Whips

Light-duty warning whips from Checkers are ideal for maximizing vehicle visibility in a variety of working environments and weather conditions. Light-duty whips feature a 7-foot flexible fiberglass whip suitable for use on recreational vehicles. Warning whip flags’ high-visibility colors alert workers to the presence of a vehicle even from great distances. 

Whips can help prevent injury in loud working environments where personnel might have trouble hearing approaching vehicles. Light-duty warning whips are also ideal for indicating points of interest.  

General-Purpose Non-Lighted Whips

General-purpose warning whips feature a durable construction that is well suited to a wide range of applications. These premium fiberglass whips are available in 3-, 5-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-foot lengths.

General-purpose whips also feature a Day Bright™ fluorescent nylon mesh flag with an optional 3M Scotchlite reflective X that maximizes vehicle visibility in all working and weather conditions. General-purpose safety whips from Checkers are designed in consultation with safety managers and industry experts in order to produce whips with the highest levels of functionality.

General-Purpose Lighted Whips

Lighted warning whips utilize LED lights to provide increased visibility for equipment and vehicles. General-purpose lighted warning whips are ideal for nighttime operations or any working environment with reduced visibility. These whips feature a threaded-hex base that makes them easy to install and a durable fiberglass construction that is well suited to the toughest working environments. 

The wiring used in lighted whips from Checkers is designed to reduce shorts caused by extreme temperatures and weather conditions. The LEDs used in lighted whips will maximize light output while reducing power draw in order to minimize maintenance and replacement costs. 

Warning Whips Can Help Prevent Accidents

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are roughly 650 deaths and over 100,000 injuries involving ATVs every year. The peak season for ATV-related injuries falls between the months of May and September. Proper safety equipment—such as warning whips—can help protect operators and bystanders from being injured while riding all-terrain vehicles. 

Find the Warning Whip that is Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment designed for industrial, commercial, and everyday use. We offer a variety of ATV warning whips designed to minimize the risk of injury for both operators and bystanders in a variety of contexts. Before your next ATV outing, take a look at our selection of ATV warning whips and find the product that is right for you.