A Guide to Horse Trailer Wheel Chocks

Horse trailers are large haul trailers that are used to transport horses or other animals. Without the proper safety equipment, transporting animals in these trailers can be potentially dangerous, particularly during loading and unloading. A horse trailer wheel chock is designed to secure an at-rest trailer in order to prevent unintentional movement or rolling. Horse trailer wheel chocks are easy to use and can help reduce the potential for accidents or injuries related to trailer movement.

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment designed for the everyday user. To help you find the horse trailer wheel chocks that are right for you, here is an overview of the wheel chock solutions available from Checkers. 

Horse Trailer Wheel Chocks from Checkers

Rubber Wheel Chocks

Rubber wheel chocks from Checkers offer an economical option for the everyday user. General-purpose rubber wheel chocks feature a durable construction that makes them ideal for heavy trucks and trailers. These chocks are also designed to be compact for easy transportation and installation. The all-weather design of rubber wheel chocks makes them suitable for use in a variety of environments and working contexts.

The ribbed pyramid design incorporated into many rubber wheel chocks provides a reliable grip that will secure at-rest trailers and prevent unintentional movement. Either side of the rubber wheel chocks can be placed against the tire of a horse trailer to prevent movement, making installation quick and easy. During loading and unloading, rubber wheel chocks will help keep horse trailers secure and stationary. 

Urethane Wheel Chocks

General-purpose urethane wheel chocks from Checkers feature a durable urethane construction that is ideal for securing at-rest horse trailers. Urethane wheel chocks are designed to be chemical, oil, and grease resistant, making them ideal for securing trailers in rugged conditions. Urethane won’t rot or splinter like wood chocks, giving users the long-term reliable performance they need.

The lightweight design and recessed carrying handles make urethane chocks easy to transport and install. Urethane chocks also incorporate a high-visibility design that makes them easy to spot even from great distances. These chocks feature a high-load capacity that will enable them to secure large and oversized horse trailers reliably. 

All Terrain Wheel Chocks

Horse trailers are frequently used in rugged or uneven terrain, especially during loading and unloading. All-terrain wheel chocks from Checkers will help secure horse trailers in a variety of environments. These chocks incorporate aluminum base plates with posi-grip cleats or anti-slip rubber traction pads that are designed to grip uneven terrain and prevent unintentional movement.

All-terrain chocks also feature a lightweight polyurethane construction that makes them easier to transport than other wheel chocks. The high visibility design of these chocks makes them easy to spot in adverse weather conditions. Because of their high load capacity and durable design, all-terrain chocks are ideal for securing large and oversized horse trailers. 

Find the Wheel Chocks that are Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment designed for the everyday user. Horse trailer wheel chocks from Checkers are easy to use and will help protect animals and assets from injury while trailers are at rest. By placing a wheel chock behind each tire of your horse trailer, you can prevent trailers from shifting or unintentionally rolling. Take a look at the horse trailer wheel chocks available from Checkers and find the chocks that are right for you.