Wheel Chock Blocks for Vehicle Tires

  • Heavy-Duty Wheel Chocks

    Wheel chocks for heavy equipment feature an exceptionally durable polyurethane construction and incorporate the largest base of any Checkers wheel chock. These are ideal for use with haul trucks, loaders, cranes, and other heavy machinery.

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  • All-Terrain Wheel Chocks

    Made of a durable, lightweight polyurethane that is easier to transport than other wheel chocks, all-terrain utility vehicle wheel chocks feature replaceable aluminum base pads with cleats or rubber traction pads that hold the wheel chock in place.

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  • Urethane General-Purpose Wheel Chocks

    Urethane wheel chocks are suitable for all weather conditions and resistant to oils and chemicals. Unlike wheel chocks made from wood, Checkers urethane general purpose wheel chocks are designed for longevity and will not rot or splinter.

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  • Rubber General-Purpose Wheel Chocks

    Rubber wheel chocks feature an economical, durable design suitable for a variety of applications such as industrial worksites, construction, and commercial environments. They are ideal for keeping truck trailers secured during loading and unloading.

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  • Urethane Aviation Wheel Chocks

    Urethane aviation wheel chocks feature an impact-absorbing design that is ideal for a variety of small and large aircrafts. Our aviation wheel chocks are constructed of an exceptionally durable urethane that is resistant to weather and abrasion.

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  • Rubber Aviation Wheel Chocks

    Rubber aviation wheel chocks from Checkers incorporate a high-density rubber construction and a triangular design that is standard throughout the aviation industry. Aviation wheel chocks are available in a single rubber or roped pair option.

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  • Parts & Accessories for Wheel Chocks

    Checkers manufactures a variety of parts and accessories for wheel chocks that are designed to maximize the utility of wheel chocks. Vertical and horizontal mounting brackets can be mounted to a wall to hold a wheel chock for quick access.

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Checkers™ Wheel Chocks for trucks and utility vehicles are designed to ensure a safe working environment while vehicles are at rest. Whether you need chocks for a 400-ton haul truck or a small utility vehicle, Checkers has developed the best wheel chocks in the industry for a wide range of applications. As one of the largest chock manufacturers in the world, Checkers produces wheel chocks you can trust.

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