Light Duty Cable Protectors For General Purpose


Light Duty Cable Protectors For General Purpose

Fastlane cable protector strips are durable drop-over cable covers. These modular interlocking cable protectors feature heavy-duty L-connectors for quickly deploying covered cable runs of any length, including angled cable runs with the addition of corner cable protector accessories. Choose from both 1-channel and 2-channel rubber cable protector strips.

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Manufactured in durable polyurethane, lightweight Fastlane drop-over cable covers protect cables and hoses with an outside diameter of up to one inch or multiple smaller cables. They feature a 5-bar tread for maximum traction and are durable enough to support pedestrian and light vehicle traffic.

Available in standard safety colors, including red, yellow, and black, our drop-over cable cover system is the ideal solution for a diverse range of cable protection scenarios, allowing users to quickly and confidently deploy and protect cables and hose runs of any length.