A Guide to Trailer Whips for the Everyday User

Warning whips are designed to maximize vehicle-to-vehicle and pedestrian-to-vehicle awareness in a variety of contexts. Trailer warning whips for the everyday user can be easily mounted to trailers in order to increase visibility.

Checkers offer a variety of trailer warning whips for the everyday user, including lighted, non-lighted, and light-duty warning whips. To help you find the safety solution that is right for you, here is a look at the warning whips from Checkers that are intended for trailer and towing applications. 

Trailer Warning Whips Available from Checkers

General Purpose Lighted Whips

Lighted warning whips designed for the everyday user utilize powerful LEDs to provide visibility in hard-to-see environments. The lights used on these warning whips can be seen even from great distances and will help increase operational awareness.

General Purpose Lighted Whips feature a premium fiberglass construction and a variety of mounting options from which to choose. These whips are available in 3-, 5-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-foot options with an orange, green, or yellow nylon mesh flag. 

All-Purpose Waterproof Lighted Whips

All-Purpose Waterproof Warning Whips are ideal when operating trailers at night or in bad weather conditions. These warning whips utilize a variety of patent-pending features to provide optimal visibility.

The internal wire used on these whips is industrial grade and meets military specifications. Waterproof whips also feature a two-conductor waterproof hotplug with a 12-inch pigtail and an internal ground connection that is designed to reduce power failures. 

Light Duty Warning Whips

Light Duty Warning Whips are a versatile option that is ideal for trailers and towing applications. These whips feature a flexible fiberglass construction that is intended for use with recreational vehicles. Light Duty Whips will help alert pedestrians and motorists to the presence of trailers or flatbeds—even in adverse weather conditions.

Light Duty Whips are available in seven high-visibility colors, a bright orange flag, and a threaded hex mount that makes it easy to attach the whip. These warning whips are also ideal for use as markers for points of interest or as caution markers. 

General Purpose Non-Lighted Whips

Warning whips from checkers will provide maximum visibility in a wide range of working and recreational contexts. These General-Purpose Whips feature a durable fiberglass construction that is designed to withstand even the harshest environments.

Whips are available in a variety of mounting options and are fully customizable. The Day Bright fluorescent nylon mesh flag is available with or without the 3M Scotchlite reflective X and can be seen from great distances.

Warning Whips Help Prevent Accidents

According to a recent outline of trailer and towing safety from Consumer Reports, maximizing trailer visibility is an essential component in reducing the likelihood of trailer accidents. Warning whips can be easily mounted on trailers to increase driver-to-driver awareness and maximize visibility.

When operating a trailer at night or in adverse weather conditions, it is particularly important to increase visibility. Lighted warning whips use powerful LEDs to provide optimal visibility for drivers and pedestrians in hard-to-see contexts. 

Find the Warning Whip that is Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment designed for the everyday user. Our products are used by people all over the world to reduce the potential for injuries and property damage in a variety of residential and recreational applications.

In addition to warning whips, Checkers also offers a wide range of safety equipment for the everyday user, including wheel chocks to stop unintentional vehicle rolling, cable protectors to prevent trips and falls, and ground protection matting that will protect sensitive lawns. Take a look at our selection of everyday safety equipment and find the right product for you.