Safety Equipment for Entertainment Industry

Safety Equipment for Events, Entertainment & Temporary Power Applications

Planning an indoor or outdoor event is no small task. Arrangements for power and access to water and sanitation must be provided to effectively facilitate many people. However, in planning for outdoor event logistics, ensuring that proper safety equipment is in place to minimize the risk of injury to personnel or attendees can be overlooked.

Whether there are cables and hoses representing a tripping hazard for pedestrians or unsecured vehicles and equipment, there are a myriad of safety concerns to consider when preparing for a large-scale event.

Safety Equipment for the Entertainment and Events Industry

Checkers Safety offers a variety of safety equipment solutions designed to protect personnel and assets. To help you find the safety equipment best suited to your needs, here is a breakdown of safety solutions designed for the entertainment and events industry.

Ground Matting

For outdoor events in fields or grassy areas, ground protection products can help protect sensitive terrain from vehicles or foot traffic. Ground protection solutions—such as the VersaMAT®—will provide a stable platform for vehicles or personnel, keep sensitive agricultural areas protected, and provide personnel with a less aggressive surface that allows for more comfortable walking and standing.

Wheel Chocks

Unsecured vehicles are a potential safety risk for personnel and pedestrians in crowded environments. Wheel chocks are designed to easily fit under the tires of a vehicle or cart, thereby securing it in place. Wheel chocks from Checkers have been engineered to comply with safety regulations in a variety of industries.

Cable Protectors

Cables and hoses that supply water or power to booths, tents, or stages are common in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, these cables and hoses represent a tripping hazard for pedestrians or performers. Unsecured cables are not only a risk for pedestrians, but the cables or hoses themselves could be damaged by carts or vehicles.

Cable protectors from Checkers are designed to secure loose cables and hoses to minimize trips and falls and protect cables from being damaged. Cable protectors from Checkers feature ramps that provide safe crossing for pedestrians and vehicles and modular interlocking designs that allow users to extend cable runs as far as needed or expand channel quantity.

Find the Safety Equipment That is Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment. We have a range of safety products that will keep staff and assets protected. From cable protectors designed to reduce trips and falls to ground protection matting that safeguards sensitive agricultural zones, Checkers has the tools you need to get the job done. Take a look at our extensive product inventory and find the entertainment and events safety equipment that is right for you.