A Guide to Golf Cart Wheel Chocks

Golf carts and other off-highway vehicles are commonly used both for sporting and recreational purposes. Because golf carts often lack the safety features of traditional motor vehicles—such as seat belts or airbags—it’s important that users follow all safety guidelines in order to minimize the risk of injury. One safety component that can reduce the possibility of injuries resulting from golf cart operation is a wheel chock.

Golf cart wheel chocks are designed to prevent unintentional rolling or movement. By placing wheel chocks behind the tires of an at-rest golf cart or other off-highway vehicles, users can reduce the potential for accidents related to rolling golf carts. To help you find the safety equipment that is right for you, here is a look at the golf cart wheel chocks available from Checkers

Golf Cart Wheel Chocks Available from Checkers

Rubber Wheel Chocks

Multi-purpose rubber wheel chocks from Checkers feature a highly durable rubber construction that is ideal for virtually any application. The ribbed-pyramid design of these chocks enables either side of the chocks to secure at-rest vehicles. Rubber wheel chocks are available in a variety of sizes and are resistant to damage from UV, moisture, salt, and oils.

Rubber chocks also feature eyebolts for optional ropes or chains. These chocks are well suited to a variety of applications—including recreational or sporting activities—and are an economical option that is perfect for the everyday user. 

Urethane Wheel Chocks

Urethane wheel chocks from Checkers feature an oil-resistant polyurethane construction that is lightweight for easy installation. These wheel chocks are ideal for a variety of weather conditions and are third-party tested to ensure maximum durability. The recessed carrying handles on the urethane chocks allow for convenient transportation, and the high visibility design makes these chocks easy to see even in adverse weather conditions.

Urethane chocks are available in single and roped pair options and are rated for a wide variety of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, all-terrain vehicles, and utility vehicles. Urethane chocks also feature mounting holes for optional ropes or chains. Unlike wheel chocks made from wood, urethane wheel chocks will not splinter or rot over time. 

Wheel Chocks Help Prevent Injuries and Damage to Assets

According to a recent overview of golf-cart safety from the National Safety Council (NSC), more than 150,000 people received emergency room treatment for accidents related to golf carts. The NSC also found that the chance of sustaining an injury while using a golf cart was roughly 46% greater for children than for adults.

Because golf carts lack the safety features of a typical motor vehicle, users should consider implementing safety equipment that will help minimize the risk of injury while operating a golf cart. Wheel chocks are an easy-to-use golf cart safety solution. Placing wheel chocks behind the tires of an at-rest golf cart can prevent unintentional rolling or struck-by incidents that occur as a result of unsecured golf carts. 

Find the Golf Cart Wheel Chocks that are Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in workplace and recreational safety equipment. Our products are used by a variety of commercial facilities, industrial operations, and everyday users all over the world. Wheel chocks designed for the everyday user will help prevent injuries and property damage related to unintentional vehicle rolling. Before your next golf-cart outing, take a look at our selection of golf cart wheel chocks and find the safety solution that is right for you.