Cable Protection Cover Parts & Accessories


Cable Protection Cover Parts & Accessories

Cable protection parts and accessories can be implemented in conjunction with existing cable protectors to give users greater utility. For environments with unique or challenging layouts, cable parts and accessories such as end caps or turns can enable cable protection to be extended to hard-to-reach areas.

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Accessories such as 45-degree and 90-degree turns are available for heavy-duty and general-purpose applications and can be used to navigate cable protection in the appropriate direction. Four-way-cross protectors can be implemented where two runs of cables intersect to create a seamless overlap. Four-way-cross parts can also be used to exit certain cables or hoses from a run of cables and introduce new ones.

Parts such as End caps can be used at the end of a run to reduce the potential for trips and falls. For easier cable protector transportation, Cable Protector Transport Carts are ideal. Many cable parts and accessories are available in hinged-lid and drop-over configurations. Parts and accessories can be added to a variety of existing cable protectors and are suited to a wide range of applications.