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About Checkers

Saving lives and protecting assets with safety equipment. Made in the USA.*


Manufacturing Safety Equipment for America’s Harshest Job Sites

You can’t compromise on safety. We’re committed to protecting people, property and the planet with the highest-quality durable wheel
chocks, cable protectors, warning whips, and critical safety equipment trusted by safety champions across the globe.

Trusted in Your Industry

When we first placed a wheel chock under a mining truck, we had no idea that our products would eventually be found in the military, entertainment, municipality, utility, aviation, and construction industries.

Field-Tested for Harsh Environments

We create tough products for tough places. Our long-lasting, third-party tested equipment is designed for the harshest environments.

Reliable Safety Solutions

We’ve earned a reputation for manufacturing critical safety equipment for job sites where risks are high. Our wheel chocks, cable protectors, warning whips, and other equipment keeps people and assets safe.


From Mining Wheel Chocks to a Full Range of Job Site Safety Equipment

Keeping your truck — and everything else — in check.

Founded in 1987 by Steve Henry, Checkers, a division of Justrite Safety Group, is a leading manufacturer of safety equipment for high-risk environments, like mining sites and military operations.

Today, Checkers is a global leader in the manufacturing of safety equipment for job sites where the risk of injury, accident, and death is real. Safety leaders the world over use our wheel chocks, cable protectors, and safety products to protect people and property.

“Our products serve a critical purpose: to help real people stay safe.
The work is rewarding and interesting, and we love the challenge of
innovating solutions for new problems our customers discover.”

Justin Lytle | Product Manager, Checkers

Tested by Third Parties and Real People for Over 35 Years

Safety doesn’t get a second chance.

As a leading manufacturer of cable protection systems, wheel chocks, warning whips, ground protection systems, and more, we know real people rely on our products every day to save lives and protect investments.

That’s why we work with third parties, industry leaders, and safety managers to field-test and certify our products under the harshest conditions — so you know you’re putting safety first when you choose our safety solutions.


Global Leader in Industrial Safety

Justrite Safety Group is a growing family of industrial safety companies. With ten different portfolio brands, each with a specific focus, Justrite Safety Group provides the essential safety products you need to protect your workers and your workplace.

We are united by our deep workplace safety knowledge, real-world experience, and our commitment to protecting people, property, and the planet. By combining our distributed knowledge, Justrite Safety Group is delivering expertise and new capabilities to safety leaders in ways like never before.


Join a Growing Company in the Heart of the U.S.A.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial safety solutions, we’re ready to take on the next challenge — and we need your help.

With openings in engineering, operations, customer service, and more, our team needs your help to guide our customers in remaining compliant by using purpose-built industrial safety solutions.

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Saving Lives and Protecting Assets for Over 35 Years

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* Made in US with Domestic and Foreign Parts.