Heavy Duty Cable Protectors for Cables & Hoses


Heavy Duty Cable Protectors for Cables & Hoses

Heavy-duty cable protectors are manufactured for the toughest environments. These cable protectors are equally suited to protecting cables or hoses from large vehicles as they are to reducing tripping hazards for pedestrians and personnel. Linebacker and Yellow Jacket cable protectors from Checkers are two lines of heavy-duty cable protectors that are widely used in industrial, construction, mining, and military applications all over the world.

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Heavy-duty cable protectors from the Linebacker line feature patented T-connectors that will retain their hold when under extreme duress and can extend cable protection to any length. The patented 5-bar surface tread of these cable protectors can greatly reduce trips and falls, and the reinforced hinged lid of the Linebacker® and Yellow Jacket makes taking cables in and out easy.

Yellow Jacket cable protectors designed for heavy-duty applications feature modular Dog Bone connectors that can extend cable protection to any desired length. The thick lid and base of the Yellow Jacket allow for high volume traffic and industrial or commercial environments.