Ground Stabilization Grid, Cellular Paving System, GeoGrid®


Ground Stabilization Grid, Cellular Paving System, GeoGrid

Our Ground Stabilization Paving System permanently reinforces and stabilizes the ground layer, preventing erosion in vehicle and pedestrian traffic areas. Ground stabilization grids feature a cellular GeoGrid design for optimal stability and water dispersion. The 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grids can be filled with soil, decorative stone, or hi-vis inserts, making them the ideal ground stabilization solution for a wide range of applications, including parking lots, access routes, public areas, private driveways, emergency service routes, gateways and entrances, and more.

Ground protection accessories extend our range of ground protection mats, which create temporary roadways and working platforms for heavy vehicles. Checkers’ ground protection mats protect and stabilize soil, lawns, and other surfaces. They provide safe access for vehicle traffic while limiting damage to yards, agricultural land, construction sites, and sensitive ecosystems. In addition to protecting the ground, they provide enhanced access for heavy equipment in muddy, sandy, and otherwise challenging terrain.

The GeoGrid Cellular Paving Systems modular interlocking design allows for fast tool-free installation. The plastic ground grid is supplied in easy-to-handle pre-connected 3.3 sq ft sections, available in both Standard, which supports up to 350 tons, and Premium, which supports up to 500 tons.