Parking Blocks for Use in Home Driveways and Garages

Parking blocks are designed to prevent vehicles from damaging assets or property and protect pedestrians in areas like driveways and garages. Parking blocks and parking stops are also typically intended to be highly visible to facilitate parking in hard-to-see driving conditions. Unlike traditional concrete stops, rubber and plastic parking barriers are easy to install and relocate when no longer needed and are ideal for homes and residential areas.

Checkers is the industry leader in home safety equipment designed for the everyday user. Parking stops and other vehicle and motion safety equipment will help protect people and assets in a wide range of residential and recreational contexts. To help you find the safety equipment that is right for you, here is a look at the vehicle parking blocks from Checkers that are suitable for use in home driveways and garages.

Parking Stops Available from Checkers

Rubber Parking Stops

Rubber parking stops from Checkers feature a durable recycled rubber construction that is lighter and easier to transport than traditional concrete parking barriers. In addition, these parking stops are designed to perform in various extreme weather conditions and are resistant to ice, road salts, UV light, gas, and oil. Rubber parking stops also incorporate a high visibility design and do not require routine maintenance or paint over time.  

Unlike concrete parking blocks, rubber parking barriers from Checkers flex when struck by vehicles ensuring long-term performance and reduced replacement or repair costs. These parking blocks feature pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Blue ADA compliant stops are also available to indicate accessible parking spaces.

Corner Guards

Corner guards are designed to protect buildings and infrastructure from damage by vehicle impact and are ideal for use in residential contexts. Corner guards from Checkers feature a high-visibility design that will help drivers avoid structures in hard-to-see conditions. The single-piece construction used to manufacture Checkers corner guards also ensures maximum performance in all weather conditions.

The thick rubber design of the corner guard is impact-resistant to protect homes and garages from being damaged by vehicles. These corner guards can be easily installed by one person and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally along the corners of walls, beams, or columns.

Poly Parking Stops

Plastic parking stops from Checkers are perfect for use in residential areas such as home driveways or garages. These parking barriers are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. Unlike concrete parking stops, plastic stops do not require regular maintenance and will not crack or chip over time. These parking stops feature a recycled plastic construction resistant to oil, road salt, ice, gas, and UV rays. Plastic parking blocks include mounting hardware for easy installation on concrete or asphalt and are available in yellow, gray, or blue.

Find the Parking Stop that is Right for You

Vehicle and motion safety equipment from Checkers is ideal for protecting people and property in a wide range of residential settings. In addition to parking blocks, Checkers also offers a variety of safety solutions designed for the everyday user, including wheel chocks that will prevent unintentional vehicle rolling, ground protection matting designed to protect sensitive lawns and other agricultural areas, and warning whips that will maximize vehicle visibility in hard-to-see environments. Take a look at our selection of safety products designed for the everyday user and find the equipment that is right for you.