Checkers Wheel Chock Selector Tool

Checkers Wheel Chocks are reliable, laboratory-tested tools for companies concerned with protecting vehicles, equipment and, most importantly, employees. Our chocks are designed to hold up under long-term wear and tear and resist moisture and UV rays. They’re capable of preventing even the largest vehicles from moving inadvertently and causing a costly accident ̶ as long as they’re the right size and fit.

Wheel chocks are long-term investments in your business’ safety and productivity, so it’s essential that you specify the right chocks for your needs. To that end, Checkers has made a wheel chock selector tool available online at no cost.

You can specify tire size (i.e., diameter), vehicle load rating, and indicate traction requirements with just a few clicks of the mouse. There’s no need to worry in hindsight whether you guessed right: The selector lets you determine the wheel chocks you need based on criteria you provide.

Give our wheel chock selector tool a try today. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll save time and money!

What Load Rating do you need?

How large are the vehicle tires?

Special traction needs?

Load capacity

Load capacity refers to the maximum weight a wheel chock can sustain. Checkers Wheel Chocks are ideal for everything from common industrial vehicles to 400-ton haul trucks. That covers a broad range of machinery, so it’s important to indicate the proper load rating to ensure you’re getting the right chocks for the job.

Other factors

Vehicle weight and tire size are crucial, but they aren’t the only factors. Ground surface conditions and varying tire pressures (i.e., changes that occur naturally with environmental changes) should also be considered.

An ideal solution

Checkers Wheel Chocks are engineered to minimize damage to your vehicle’s tires as well as prevent inadvertent movement. Rigorously tested, Checkers offers wheel chock models that meet OSHA, MSHA, SAE, NFPA and DOT specifications. If you’re looking to meet compliance requirements and maintain the highest possible safety standards, we have the solution.