Dan Carver

Director of Marketing

How to Fix Soil Erosion in High Traffic Areas

Checkers GEOGrid System helps control erosion

Uncontrolled erosion in high traffic areas like gravel parking lots can have disastrous consequences. The GeoGrid system from Checkers is designed to prevent soil erosion in highly trafficked areas like parking lots and driveways.

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Erosion Control for Sloped Gravel Driveways

Checkers GEOGrid System

Sloped gravel driveways are particularly susceptible to erosion. Over time, draining rainwater or snowmelt can deteriorate gravel driveways. If erosion control measures are not implemented, uneven driveways could lead to damaged vehicles or injuries. Ground stabilization systems are designed to provide erosion control on sloped gravel driveways.

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A Guide to Ground Protection Matting Brands

Checkers ground protection mats

Ground protection mats are intended to provide stabilization, temporary accesses, and turf protection for heavy vehicles and equipment in a wide range of working contexts, including construction, landscaping, utilities and entertainment applications. For more than 30 years, Checkers ground protection mats have been the go-to solution for protecting sensitive lawns or agricultural areas from being damaged by vehicle or foot traffic.

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The Benefits of Non-Conductive Cable Protectors

non-conductive cable protectors

Cable protectors are intended to secure loose cables and hoses in crowded areas in order to prevent injuries resulting from slips and falls. Cable protectors will also help protect sensitive cables from being damaged by vehicles, carts or foot traffic. Using cable protectors that incorporate a non-conductive construction is intended to insulate cables and protect personnel or pedestrians from heat accumulation or electric shock.Cable protectors are designed to safely house sensitive cables and hoses in order to prevent trips and falls as well as provide safe crossing for vehicles or heavy equipment. 

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Comparing Urethane and Rubber Cable Protectors

Cable protectors are designed to safely house sensitive cables and hoses in order to prevent trips and falls as well as provide safe crossing for vehicles or heavy equipment. Cable protectors incorporate different designs depending on their intended application. Rubber cable protectors are flexible and easy to deploy in light-duty contexts. In contrast, cable protectors with a urethane construction are more suited for environments with heavy equipment or high levels of foot traffic.

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Cable Covers for All Your Holiday Decorations

Part of the reason people seem to enjoy the holidays so much is because of all the wonderful decorations. Candy canes line the driveways, luminous deer can be seen grazing in the front yard, there’s even that one house that has Santa’s sleigh coming in for a landing on their roof—in all its 10,000-watt glory. Achieving this aesthetic wonderland, however, can sometimes come at a cost.

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Quick Hook Eliminates Tripping Hazards

checkers quick hooks eliminate tripping hazards

Quick Hook is a simple, user friendly safety tool. One method for easy installation is to place the Quick Hook up on the place you wish to hang it, then carefully spread the opposite curved end sideways only slightly, enough to twist the wire or cables down inside the hook holding the cable in place.  Once the cable, wire, or hose is already placed inside the hook, you can raise additional items into the air and lay them inside.

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Justrite Safety Group and Checkers Industrial Products Sign a Definitive Merger Agreement

Justrite Safety Group (Justrite®) and Checkers Industrial Products (Checkers), both portfolio companies of Audax Private Equity (Audax) have entered into a Definitive Merger Agreement. The merger of Justrite and Checkers creates a leading manufacturer of industrial safety products. The merger is anticipated to be completed and closed by the end of January 2018. JUSTRITE Since […]

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