Don’t Get Stuck Without Ground Protection Mats


When working on outdoor projects, it’s important to consider ground protection. Landscape damaged by heavy equipment can be expensive to repair. Plus, uneven or muddy ground at job sites may cause project delays or stoppage. But what should you use to protect soft or sensitive ground conditions?

Wise contractors know plywood isn’t the right choice. There are several reasons why plywood isn’t suitable for ground protection. It’s very porous, which causes it to absorb water and makes the wood heavy and weak. It also absorbs and leeches oils, fluids and chemicals. Exposure to weather often accelerates the speed at which plywood rots or cracks, meaning it frequently needs to be replaced.

While it may seem like a cheap ground protection solution, plywood’s short life cycle means it’s more expensive over time. The approximate cost of replacing 12 sheets of plywood, four times a year, is more than $2,000 annually. 


Contractors across the country know Checkers Safety’s line of ground protection matting is the best option. These high-density polyethylene mats can be used and reused in the harshest conditions. They are ideal to create temporary roadways when working over delicate ground.  

Benefits of Checkers Safety Ground Protection Mats  

  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Molds to sloping ground conditions 
  • Can be locked into place using single or double Turn-A-Links 
  • Have high load capacity 
  • Non-slip surface

Learn more about our line of ground protection mats here 

Why Use AlturnMATS® Ground Protection Mats

When it rains all day, work stalls for outdoor projects. But what happens the day after a downpour? Don’t let the muddy, unstable ground cause additional delays – use Checkers Safety™ AlturnaMATS® Ground Protection Mats instead.  

AlturnaMATS are designed specifically to protect sensitive ground conditions in the construction, civil engineering, utilities, landscaping and groundwork anevents industries, among others. Engineered to be durable and strong, AlturnaMATS help prevent heavy equipment from getting stuck or causing rutsThe flexible design of the AlturnaMATS allows it to easily contour to different ground conditions, while weight displacement ensures maximum turf and grass protection.

AlturnaMATS feature the most aggressive diamond plate tread design for vehicle traction. Constructed of a specific blend of high-density polyethylene, AlturnaMATS boast an industry-leading load capacity of up to 120 tons and are virtually indestructible.  

Available in black or clear, AlturnaMATS can be deployed by hand and maneuvered without any special equipment. Connect AlturnaMATS together using Turn-A-Link connectors to create a secure trackway or work pad.  

All Checkers Safety AlturnaMATS ground protection mats are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more about our AlturnaMATS here