A Guide to Universal Safety Colors In Cable Protectors

universal safety colors cable protectors

Universal safety colors play an integral role in worker and pedestrian safety by providing additional insight into the nature of a potential hazard. Universal safety colors may be required by regulation or may simply be best practice depending on the circumstances. Regardless, adherence to universal safety colors improves the safety of everyone in the vicinity. 

Universal safety colors are utilized in countless industrial, construction and safety applications. Cable protectors are just one of many safety products where safety color adherence can lead to improved safety. Cable covers provide rigid protection for cables and hoses that are running through high traffic areas, preventing damage to the otherwise exposed cables while reducing the risk of a fall for those passing by. Cable protectors are widely used in numerous settings, including workplaces, fairs, concerts, industrial operations and more. 

Cable Cover Color Selection 

Cable covers provide protection from vehicles and pedestrians alike. They can be used to cover numerous different types of cables and hoses that might be transporting water, electricity, chemicals, or other potential hazards. By utilizing a cable cover that adheres to universal safety colors, you can provide insight into what potential hazards might be running beneath your cable covers while maximizing their visibility. We have produced this guide to help organizations choose the ideal cable covers for their specific application.

Yellow and orange are the two most common colors utilized in cable covers. Both are easily visible and provide excellent contrast against most backgrounds.

As a universal safety color, orange is most commonly used to denote electrical hazards. For the safe containment of power lines and electrical cords, orange cable covers are the ideal choice.

Yellow is used to signify the presence of an obstacle or object that can present danger in the form of a trip or fall hazard. So, if the hazard you are covering presents no further danger than as an obstacle in the way of people or vehicles (i.e., a water hose), then yellow will be sufficient.

Cable Covers Available from Checkers

Heavy-Duty Cable Covers

Heavy-duty cable covers are Checkers’ most durable cable protection solution. With load capacities ranging up to 800,000 pounds, these cable covers are designed to easily handle the weight of heavy machinery and vehicles. They are available in both orange and yellow and can be purchased with up to five protected cable channels. Durability and rugged design make Checkers’ heavy-duty cable covers ideal for numerous industries, including mining, oil and gas, military and industrial.

Medium-Duty Cable Covers

Checkers’ medium-duty cable covers are excellent for a wide range of settings. They are commonly used at sporting events and entertainment venues, as well as in industrial and commercial applications. With load capacities of over 60,000 pounds, these cable protectors are easily able to handle the trials of both heavy foot traffic and large machinery.  

Light-Duty Cable Covers

Light-duty cable covers provide many of the same benefits as their more robust counterparts while also being even easier to install. They can be easily installed by dropping over the top of the cable already laid and can hold over 2000 pounds. These versatile and maneuverable cable protectors are suitable for use around lightweight vehicles as well as pedestrian traffic.  Another key benefit of light-duty cable covers is that many are lower profile. This makes them less disruptive to vehicles passing through and less of a tripping hazard for any pedestrians.  

For those seeking a different solution than those listed above, consider the Quick Hook Overhead Protector. They easily install and allow you to hang cables overhead, negating any concerns about weight capacity or tripping hazards. These hooks can hold up to 80 pounds apiece and are an excellent solution for indoor settings, whether the office or warehouse.  

Hose Bridges

We also offer hose bridges for those primarily concerned with allowing vehicles to safely cross over a hose without damaging it. They are a compact solution and can be easily dropped in place for vehicles to drive over any hoses on site safely. Hose bridges come in a variety of widths and heights to ensure that regardless of what vehicles will be crossing over your hose, we have a hose bridge that can help.  

ADA Cable Covers

Another primary concern for those purchasing cable covers is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. To meet this need and ensure complete accessibility, we offer ADA-compliant cable protector ramps. These ramps can be easily integrated with your cable cover system to ensure a safe and easy means of traversing the cable covers. 

Choosing the Best Cable Covers and Protectors

Are you unsure which cable protector will best suit your needs? Visit our Cable Protection Selection Tool,  which can help you assess your needs and identify the right cable cover for the job. Otherwise, you can view our cable protector product guide, which outlines the capabilities and specifications of each cable protector. If you’d like to learn more about the innovative safety products that might suit your workplace, visit the Checkers website to view our comprehensive suite of safety solutions.