How to Choose a Cable Protector that Complies with ADA/DDA Industry Regulations

ADA cable protector in use during an event
ADA cable protector in use during an eventADA cable protector in use during an event

Cable protectors are an essential part of workplace safety. They protect equipment, which offers many benefits. But they also make offices and job sites safer for workers.

It’s vital to consider compliance with ADA and DDA regulations when selecting cable covers for workplace needs. Here’s how you can protect cables, cords, wires, hoses, and other important conduits while still maintaining appropriate accessibility for employees and visitors.

Heavy Duty Cable Protection Helps Safeguard Equipment

Of course providing cord covers and cable protection is a key function of cable protectors. This ensures equipment integrity when you rely on these elements for electrical power, telecommunications, and other aspects of workplace operation. When cable protectors prevent damage, they also extend the lifespan of your equipment, so your investment goes a long way. Additionally, cable protectors can stop wear and tear from abrasion and erosion that can result in other safety concerns, like electrical shock or fire.

However, cable protectors also safeguard people in the workplace, whether you run a manufacturing facility, construction site or direct events at temporary locations. These protectors help eliminate tripping hazards from extension cords and wires, which can cause falls and injuries, or even liability lawsuits. They reduce workplace accidents, which in turn decreases employee absences and workers compensation claims. Investing in cord protectors can actually save your business money in the long-term.

So, how do you go about selecting cable protectors? First, it’s important to understand how ADA/DDA cable protectors are constructed.

Cable protector in use in manufacturing facilityCable protector in use in manufacturing facility

How ADA/DDA-Compliant Cable Protectors Are Different

ADA cable protectors help people with mobility issuesADA cable protectors help people with mobility issues

Business owners and safety officers must consider all employees and outside visitors when thinking about pedestrian or foot traffic in areas requiring cable protectors. In fact, adhering to regulations from the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and the DDA (The Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act) is required by law for commercial entities and public buildings. Otherwise, a business or municipality can face citations, stiff fines, and lawsuits.

Cable protectors are constructed in many different ways. People with mobility issues, for example, and those in wheelchairs may find some have too steep of an incline, making passage over them uncomfortable or even impossible. Therefore, places that use cable covers must follow ADA guidelines for some ramps, which state that slopes may not be steeper than 1:12. This means that there may be only one inch of rise for every 12 inches of run.

ADA cable protectors, sometimes called ADA/DDA cable protectors, use this type of gentle slope to ensure spaces are accessible to all, including people in wheelchairs. The gradual slope is integrated into the unit’s construction. ADA cable protectors offer other features as well.

First, connectors in the covers are recessed to create a seamless surface. This fabrication eliminates seams or cracks that could cause trips, falls, or blockage of wheelchairs.

Second, ADA cable protectors can be connected to other types of cable protectors. You can add ADA-compliant segments to a stretch of different covers, so the entire run doesn’t need to be ADA compliant. It still provides plenty of access, so everyone’s needs are met, whether they’re in a wheelchair or on foot. It can also handle vehicle traffic.

Configure Cable Protection Systems for Different Spaces and Situations

Checkers makes cable management easy with the snap-together features of the best cable protectors. They’re available in segments, which lets you cover a small space or a very large area simply by choosing the number of segments you need. If your cable protection requirements vary, such as for events at different venues, you can always configure the right size by changing the number of pieces utilized.

ADA Guard Dog cable protector system with protector rampADA Guard Dog cable protector system with protector ramp

Advanced Modular Systems

For even greater flexibility, the Advanced Modular System (AMS) is a cable protector option for Yellow Jacket cable protectors that allows virtually endless possibilities when protecting cables, cords, and hoses. You can connect cable protector segments in multiple ways, including adding ADA-compliant accessibility ramps where needed. When ADA cable protector ramps aren’t required, they can be swapped out for standard cable protectors. Users appreciate the control they get over their cable management system with AMS elements.

For the ultimate in modular ease, the ADA Ramp and Rail system lets you add ADA ramps and rails to an existing cable protection unit. The parts of this system slide over other ramps, creating instant access for all, including pedestrians and people in wheelchairs or small-wheeled vehicles. Many businesses find this lets them maximize their cable management system and tailor it to various situations based on need.

Guard Dog Low-Profile Cable Protectors

Guard Dog cable protectors feature a patented non-slip 5-bar surface tread for maximum traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls for pedestrians. Designed for convenience, these cable protectors feature three styles, including a hinged lid, a low-profile hinged lid, or a drop-over, all of which allow easy placement of cables and hoses. The reinforced lid ensures that cables and hoses remain safe, even under extreme weight.

Multi-Channel Cable Protectors

Have multiple cords to protect? Don’t waste time with cable ties. Our all-in-one ADA cable protectors feature recessed connectors, ensuring a seamless and crack-free unit. With this innovative design, you can effectively reduce the risk of trips and falls, even in crowded environments. Whether you choose the Guard Dog Series 5-Channel ADA Cable Protector or the Yellow Jacket Series 5-Channel Cable Protector, trust these are designed with the needs of all users in mind.

Checkers Has a Wide Array of ADA- and DDA-Compliant Cable Protectors

Checkers Yellow Jacket ADA 5-channel ADA cable protectors - model YJ5-125-Y-BCheckers Yellow Jacket ADA 5-channel ADA cable protectors - model YJ5-125-Y-B

For most businesses, entertainment venues, and civic organizations, complying with ADA regulations is more than obeying the law; it’s a way to welcome all visitors equally and show employees how much they matter. You can simultaneously safeguard valuable work gear and prevent accidents with the right ADA-compliant cable guards.

Not sure if you need light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty cable protectors? Confused about whether to use general purpose, drop over or crossover protectors? Our Cable Protection Selection Tool can help you determine the different cable management components you require for your unique needs. And, our team is available to answer questions and assist with bulk orders.

You can shop online and select cable protection elements by load capacity, color, number of channels, length, height, and width. We also offer components with several types of connector, as well as hose bridges and hose protectors. Don’t forget to check out our ADA cable protector rails, too.

Don’t risk violating ADA requirements or put your organization’s customers and employees in danger.  Shop Checkers ADA cable protectors today. All Checkers cable guards are manufactured in the USA and are available in multiple colors, including blue, yellow, orange and black.