The Ultimate Guide to Custom Cable Protectors

Checkers custom cable protector for Sunbelt
Checkers custom cable protector for SunbeltCheckers custom cable protector for Sunbelt

Cable protectors are more than simple covers. They’re crucial tools for ensuring safety, durability, and accessibility at major events, gatherings, and venues.  

Custom cable protectors build on these advantages by boosting brand visibility, enhancing aesthetics, and preventing equipment loss for rental companies, event planners, and venue managers. 

What Are Custom Cable Protectors?

Custom cable protectors serve the same purpose as standard cable covers: to safeguard cords and wires from physical damage and provide a safe crossing or walkway for vehicles and pedestrians. 

However, they’re customized to reflect a company’s branding. This typically involves changing the color and/or logo of the cable protector for aesthetic purposes, ensuring the protector blends seamlessly with a company's visual identity while maintaining its primary function of safeguarding cables.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Cable Protectors?

Custom cable protectors are great for the entertainment industry, particularly event rental companies. Here’s why.

Loss Prevention

While most people don’t set out to steal cable protectors, it’s possible for someone to unintentionally pick one up amidst the rush to pack up equipment after conferences, sporting events, and concerts. This is even more likely if you use a combination of the venue’s cable covers — often available when renting the facility — as well as your own cable protectors.

By imprinting your company logo and color onto these cable protectors, you safeguard them from accidental misplacement. This simple branding strategy acts as a deterrent, making it more likely for your protectors to be recognized and returned to your inventory. Additionally, it simplifies logistics after an event, as everything is clearly marked with your branding.

The additional cost of customization becomes an investment that pays off through loss prevention, saving you from repeatedly having to replace cable protectors. This customization proves to be a cost-effective measure in the long-run.  

Brand Recognition

Custom cable protectors contribute to brand recognition at large events by prominently displaying your logo directly in front of potential customers. Why does this matter?

Checkers custom cable protector for United RentalsCheckers custom cable protector for United Rentals

Studies show that customers are more than twice as likely to use a brand they recognize compared to a lesser-known alternative. When attendees and professionals consistently encounter your company’s logo displayed on cable protectors at large events, it creates a sense of familiarity and reliability. 

So even if they don’t immediately require your rental services, this repeated exposure primes them to consider your company when the need arises.

Aesthetics and Visual Considerations

Finally, there are visual concerns and aesthetics to think about when choosing cable protectors. In some instances, you might want the cable cover to stand out in order to prevent tripping hazards or to make it clear where people using wheelchairs or walkers will find access easier. Using a bright colored or standard blue disabled access cable cover and ramp will take care of this for you. 

However, there are other situations where having a cable protector blend in is preferable. In theaters, for example, cord and cable covers are usually black to reduce visibility and prevent distraction from the sets and performers. Most theaters employ a dark environment backstage, in the wings, and in the area surrounding the proscenium. Orchestra pits for live musical accompaniment are likewise black, so as not to draw unwanted attention during a performance. 

At parties or weddings, you might want a single color of cable protector to match the decor and create a seamless environment. The same principle may apply for your booth at a trade show or similar event where the color theme plays a pivotal role.

If you are a rental business or small venue, it’s smart to keep cable protectors in stock in a variety of common in-demand hues, like black, pink, blue, and gray. This allows you to have the covers ready to go when customers need them. You could even include color-coordinated cable protection items as a complimentary service when clients rent other equipment from you, like sound systems, tables, chairs, and linens. 

Let Checkers Customize Your Cable Protectors 

When it comes to cable protectors, Checkers stands out as a top choice. Our track record includes developing custom cable protectors for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, showcasing our ability to meet the unique requirements of any company or event.  

When placing an order for custom cable protectors through Checkers, take into consideration these factors. 

Color Options Affect Pricing 

Our offerings span a range of standard colors. These include: 

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow

We can use shading to make these colors lighter or darker upon request. However, for truly unique shades that aren't included in this list, it requires more processing time and involves special pricing. 

Allow Plenty of Time for Custom Orders

It can take up to 130-180 days to produce and ship customized cable protectors, so give yourself plenty of time before a big event to place an order. 

Order Specifications

For custom colors, a minimum order of 200 units is required to waive setup fees. For custom logos, the minimum is 100 units. That being said, you can always place a smaller order and cover the setup fees involved. 

Submit Your Order

Checkers makes it easy to order custom cable protectors. Simply submit a request online. Our team will access your request and follow up with a quote based on the customizations required. Following this, we’ll provide a proof for your review. Once approved, we’ll send your order to production.