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The Benefits of Non-Conductive Cable Protectors

non-conductive cable protectors

Cable protectors are intended to secure loose cables and hoses in crowded areas in order to prevent injuries resulting from slips and falls. Cable protectors will also help protect sensitive cables from being damaged by vehicles, carts or foot traffic. Using cable protectors that incorporate a non-conductive construction is intended to insulate cables and protect personnel or pedestrians from heat accumulation or electric shock.Cable protectors are designed to safely house sensitive cables and hoses in order to prevent trips and falls as well as provide safe crossing for vehicles or heavy equipment. 

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Comparing Urethane and Rubber Cable Protectors

Cable protectors are designed to safely house sensitive cables and hoses in order to prevent trips and falls as well as provide safe crossing for vehicles or heavy equipment. Cable protectors incorporate different designs depending on their intended application. Rubber cable protectors are flexible and easy to deploy in light-duty contexts. In contrast, cable protectors with a urethane construction are more suited for environments with heavy equipment or high levels of foot traffic.

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The Top Five Reasons the Best Entertainment Venues Choose Checkers Cable Protectors

Cable protection is an often overlooked, yet crucial part of safety in the entertainment industry. Here at Checkers, we offer a wide range of cable covers and ramps designed to fit with any application and cable run. Here are the top five reasons why our products are the best fit for your venue:

5. Innovative modular designs fit any cable run

Nearly all of our cable protectors boast modular abilities. This is key for entertainment venues, as different types of events will require different cable lengths and configurations. Our cable ramps can be easily linked end to end by simply snapping our patented connectors together with a light press of a foot or hand. This makes setup a breeze, regardless of the length of cable needed for the event. The Guard Dog cable protector is a great example of this type of product, as its “Dog Bone” connectors allow configurations of any length. Additionally, we offer models that can be linked side by side, in such a way to accommodate an unlimited number of cables. The Yellow Jacket AMS is a great example of this type of product. This flexibility is what gives Linebacker cable covers the edge in the entertainment business.

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Gaffer Tape vs. Cable Protectors

Chose cable protectors over gaffer tape to save money in the long run
When it comes to protecting cables at entertainment venues, operations managers have a lot of options to choose from. At Checkers, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our Linebacker line of cable protectors from top of the line polyurethane. This ensures our products will be durable and long lasting, giving them an advantage over some temporary solutions. One of these which is popular in the entertainment industry is gaffer tape. Some of the advantages that gaffer tape offers are its low cost and quick installation. Indeed, you can buy a 50-yard roll of gaffer tape for around $10, which puts the price per foot around 7 cents. Let’s examine a hypothetical scenario:

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