Medium-Duty Linebacker® Cable Ramp Protector Parts and Accessories


Medium-Duty Linebacker® Cable Ramp Protector Parts and Accessories

The Linebacker Series is our most robust cable protection system, providing unbeatable protection for cables and hose lines in environments with heavy vehicle traffic or extreme weather conditions. Available in sizes ranging from 1-channel to 5-channel cable covers, Linebacker’s high load-bearing capacity makes it the ideal cable guard system for oil and gas applications, mining, military, and other industrial environments.

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Most Linebacker Series cable protectors feature a reinforced hinged lid for easy access, but the range also includes 1-channel drop-over and split-top protectors. All cable protectors are constructed from all-weather polyurethane, and feature easy-to-use patented T-connectors for joining multiple cable covers and integrating with Linebacker accessories.

As a complete cable protection system, the Linebacker Series also includes numerous connectors and accessories, including 45° and 90° connectors, end caps, protector bridges with additional cable channels, and accessibility rails and ramps.