Checkers Video Features Guard Dog® Cable Protection Product

Hose and cable protection video


Checkers, an internationally recognized leader in the field of industrial safety, has produced a new video featuring a product that addresses safety challenges many businesses face every day. This brief video presentation highlights the versatility and ready applicability of our Guard Dog® Cable Protector system, demonstrating for facility managers, safety officers, and others responsible for employee safety how this adaptable and scalable product can benefit heavily trafficked operations.

Cable Protection Solution for High-Traffic Workplaces

Such work environments are rife with safety hazards and ergonomic inefficiencies that place employees in harm’s way and undermine the organization’s profitability. Workers in a wide range of construction, assembly, commercial and industrial settings are susceptible to tripping, slipping and electric shock, to name just a few of the more commonplace hazards.

Checkers Guard Dog® Cable Protector offers an ideal solution for mining, industrial, and entertainment industry work environments. These are extremely busy spaces, overrun by vehicle and pedestrian traffic with plenty of opportunities for accidents. With so much activity, it can be easy to overlook electrical cables running the length and breadth of your workplace.

Durable, Lightweight Protection

Employees need reliable protection from power cables, important and sensitive assets that must be shielded from damage by forklifts, trucks and other vehicles. The Checkers Guard Dog Cable Protector’s durable, yet lighter-than-rubber polyurethane construction provides the necessary protection at vehicle and foot-traffic crossings (the Guard Dog can stand up to loads weighing as much as 136,000 pounds).

The Guard Dog’s one- to five-channel systems can easily be extended with a 2-channel protector bridge. An anti-slip tread surface and minimal height options, key components of its ADA-compliant construction, protect against trips and falls. 

Keeping employees safe while maintaining productivity can be tricky, especially for companies that lack reliable, configurable and adaptable safety precautions that preserve operational efficiency. Visit the Checkers website for a breakdown of features and see how we can help keep your business safe and productive, even in the most challenging circumstances.