How Wheel Chocks Keep Tractor Trailers Safe and Secure

RC815 General-Purpose Rubber Wheel Chock

Trucking is big business. A 2019 study valued the U.S. trucking industry at $791 billion with more than 947,000 truck drivers employed. As with any large business sector using heavy equipment, the trucking industry sees a number of accidents, injuries and fatalities. An OSHA study found “workers in the trucking industry experienced the most fatalities of all occupations, accounting for 11 percent of all worker deaths.”

In a number of cases, instances of wheels not being properly secured resulted in trucking catastrophes—injuries or fatalities that could have been avoided with proper use of tractor trailer safety equipment like industrial wheel chocks.

When performed correctly, chocking (or blocking) prevents tractor trailer trucks from rolling or overturning while being loaded, unloaded or serviced. Chocking is especially important on uneven or sloped surfaces. The FMCSA requires proper usage of truck wheel chocks including the use of blocks or chocks for heavy haulers, as well as trailers carrying agricultural commodities and pulpwood.

Tractor Trailer Safety Equipment

Checkers Safety™ offers several styles of truck wheel chocks engineered to work with tractor trailer trucks. Checkers Safety tractor trailer wheel chocks are field-tested by experts to prevent non-motorized, uncontrolled movement of on- and off-road vehicles. Checkers Safety has also worked with a third-party laboratory to certify each model meets the specifications indicated on our Wheel Chock Reference Guide.

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Designed for Tractor Trailers

While Checkers Safety offers a wide range of chocks for an array of vehicle use, our RC815 general purpose wheel chocks are a perfect match for over-the-road trucks and trailers. Constructed of durable rubber, the chocks are resistant to UV, moisture, salt and oil damage. A ribbed pyramid design grips the tire and pavement like a vise without causing damage to either. The unique design of the RC815 also allows either side to be positioned against the tire. Eyebolts for ropes and chains are easily accessible and the chocks’ smaller design makes storage a snap.

Our UC1500 General-Purpose utility wheel chocks for trucks are third-party tested, certified and trusted by fleets around the world. Manufactured with highly durable, lightweight polyurethane, the chocks are general purpose and can be used not only with over-the-road trucks and trailers, but also with pickups and utility vehicles. Like the RC815, the chocks are resistant to oils, fuels and solvents. Available in high-visibility orange for added safety, the UC1500 is rated for vehicles with tire sizes up to 35 in. (88.9 cm) diameter and gross vehicle operating weight up to 60,000 lbs. (27,273 kg) for the UC1500-4.5, and up to 70,000 lbs. (31,818 kg) for the UC1500-6.

Added Safety

In addition to our full line of industry-leading wheel chocks, Checkers Safety offers diverse solutions for added tractor-trailer equipment, including:

Ground protection. Our mats are manufactured from composite material, making them both more durable and longer-lasting than wood or metal. They undergo rigorous safety and quality testing and are suitable for everything from truck access to slip prevention and cleaning. 

Parking lot safety. A trucking depot can be a dangerous place. Checkers Safety can help make it much safer with parking curbs, speed bumps, wall guards, and speed humps manufactured from durable rubber. 

Cable and hose protection. To help safeguard electrical cables and hose lines against damage from tractor-trailers, Checkers Safety manufactures the most extensive line of high-performance protection products in the world.

For more information about wheel chocks for trucks and keeping your tractor-trailer fleet safe and secure, contact a Checkers Safety wheel chock expert today. Ready to purchase? You can buy truck wheel chocks on our website today!

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