Checkers™ Releases Industrial Vehicle Safety Product Video

Wheel chock image


Safety is of paramount concern for those who manage fleet operations that utilize some of the heaviest vehicles on the planet. Checkers, internationally recognized leader in the field of industrial safety, has released a video that demos the strength and reliability of Checkers’ UC Wheel Chocks. This brief video overview shows how a relatively small piece of carefully designed polyurethane can prevent haul trucks and other vehicles in many industries from causing costly damage and protect employees from catastrophic accidents.

Simple but Reliable Vehicle Safety Tool

Checkers’ UC Wheel Chocks offer strong and slip-resistant, lighter-than-rubber urethane construction. The product’s all-weather design is resistant to fuel, water, grease, solvents and UV rays, and holds up against wear and tear better than rubber chocks.

Third-party tested and certified, the UC series is also widely used in industrial and other heavy-duty, and by over-the-road tractor-trailer operators. Checkers’ wheel chocks are designed to comply with safety regulations in a variety of industries. Each line is tested in third-party laboratories to certify that it meets specifications and prevents unintended vehicle movement.

Checkers’ polyurethane chocks are lightweight, making them easier to carry than steel or aluminum versions. They come with an easy-grip handle for ease of transport, while other versions feature a built-in recessed handle. The UC line offers models for tires up to 65 inches in diameter.

As shown in the product video, wheels first contact the toe of the chock and the full weight of the vehicle is absorbed, coming to rest against the chock which holds the load securely in place. Checkers UC chocks also conform to the ground surface for maximum traction.