MAT-PAK: Now offered with new mats!

ground protection mats on forklift

Outdoor jobs are tough, we get it. So we’ve created a system to make things more convenient for you. Don’t wait too long for this one: take advantage of our all-in-one MAT-PAK system, now offered with Zigma® and AlturnaMATS® ground protection products.

What’s the advantage? Our AlturnaMATS® and Zigma® brands produce safe and efficient ground solutions for industries where outdoor work is primary. Our mats are virtually the best of both worlds. While providing traction for vehicles in mud or sand, they are also damage resistant, leaving lawn and landscaped areas safe and secure. Ideal for landscaping, tree care, and cemetery contractors, our brands’ versatility also extends to other areas of work. Manufactured with the highest quality, AlturnaMATS® and Zigma® mats are highly weather resistant. With all said and done, this handy system is an effective way to transport and store your mats all at once.

What’s included?You can get a Mat-Pak with new mats!

  • 12 Mats of your choice
  • 1 Metal Storage, Skid Rack
  • 20 Single Turn-a-links (For AlturnaMATS only)
  • 2 Handi-hooks (For AlturnaMATS only)
  • 2 Ratchet Straps (For AlturnaMATS only)
  • Standard connection methods (For Zigma only)

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