Don’t Let Santa Trip! Protecting Against Cord Tripping Hazards

christmas holiday decorations

If you celebrate the season by hanging lights, you’re all too familiar with this holiday hassle: cords. Between strings of lights, extension cords, and power strips, electrical situations can quickly become a disorganized mess. In addition to being ugly, loose cords pose several safety issues. They can cause trips and falls, and improper cord protection can even cause fire hazards. Let’s view a few examples:

Tape is bad for outdoor applications, but the Fastlane cable protector is all-weather.

1. Tape: The problem in the photo on the right is that the tape lacks the adhesion necessary to keep the cables in place outdoors. The cables have easily become loose and are now presenting a serious trip hazard, as they cross a direct walkway. Even if the tape was adhering properly, it provides no protection for the cable, meaning that repeated foot traffic can easily damage the internal wiring and possibly destroy your beautiful light display.

Covering cables with rugs can create fire hazards, the Fastlane cable protector will not.

2. Carpet: Running your cords underneath carpeting or a rug is tempting because it is easy and convenient, but it is not a good decision for cord protection. Like tape, rugs and carpet do not protect the internal wiring of your cords from foot traffic. As the wiring breaks down due to repeated trampling, the cord loses it’s ability to transmit current properly and begins to overheat, as explained in this article from ProtectAmerica. This heat could potentially lead to a catastrophic fire.

The Fastlane Cable Protector is great for light duty applications

The Solution

Linebacker offers several products designed for light duty use. Our Fastlane Drop-Over Cable Protector (pictured on the right) is a lightweight, durable solution that is made from all-weather polyurethane and great for indoor or outdoor use. Its modular design means it can accommodate cord runs of any length, and it’s sturdy construction means it will keep your cords safe for years to come. Another option is our RFD cable protectors. These are built from premium rubber and are designed primarily for indoor applications. Like the Fastlane, the RFD provides protection for cables, while keeping them neatly organized and avoiding any sort of trip hazard.

This year, protect your cables and make sure Santa won’t trip!