Choosing the Right Cable Protector Color

orange and black cable protector

In our last post we discussed 4 key questions to consider when purchasing cable protectors. While those will ensure the safety of your project, there is one more aspect that could actually play an Checkers offers many cable protector color combinationsinfluential role in the success of your project: How do you choose the right cable protector color? Start by asking the following:

  1. What color will improve the functionality of your project/event?

The colors of your cable protector can have a big impact on the type of cable protector that best suites your needs. If you are in the entertainment industry and are looking for cable protectors, the color becomes much more important. In this scenario you may require a darker, less noticeable cable protector to maintain the illusion of a production. In this case, our Guard Dog® in a Black Lid/Black Base color option would be more useful.

Venture outdoors to the carnival industry and brighter colors become more desirable for safety purposes. Something such as the Grip Guard® (Green Lid/Yellow Base) or Yellow Jacket® (Yellow Lid/Black Base) line of cable protectors are more standard for such events.

Colors might even impact the safety of its users. Our Linebacker® heavy duty cable protectors, for instance, are popular in the Oil and Gas industry, as they tend to highlight the visibility of the product.

Also, we can customize colors to your meet your needs and provide custom logos.

Our main concern is making sure you receive the safest product for your needs. We have a variety of products to best suit your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions!