How Do Geogrid Ground Protection Systems Work?


Whether it be a parking lot, pathway or office landscaping, problems with drainage and ground stabilization can create dire safety and integrity issues for your business.  

According to the non-profit road-improvement group RoadEx, “Poor drainage maintenance can have a major effect on the lifetime of a pavement and annual paving costs. It can also affect traffic safety.” 

And, as most business owners know, the appearance of your facility provides the first key impression to your customers. Nothing says “run-down and untrustworthy” more than a facility rife with pitting, standing pools of water and uneven ground, not to mention the potential safety and liability problems that arise. 

Ground Stabilization Problems in Parking Lots  

Parking lots can prove especially prone to ground stabilization or drainage problems, resulting in pitting and cracking.  

“Drainage problems are frequently a major cause of parking area pavement failures. It is critical to keep water away from the subgrade soil,” a report by the Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa notes. “If the subgrade becomes saturated, it will lose strength and stability, making the overlying pavement structure susceptible to breakup under imposed loads.” 

Unfortunately, many properties—parking lot or otherwise—may have ground stabilization challenges and not even know. Dangerous conditions can exist hidden until they eventually emerge to cause damage.  

The Solution: GeoGrid Protection Systems 

Ground stabilization distress won’t magically go away, but solutions such as the GeoGrid Ground Protection System by Checkers Safety™ can mitigate future damage.  

A cellular grid paving system, GeoGrid deploys a rapid and effective application of permanent ground reinforcement and stabilization.  

GeoGrid’s cellular grid design promotes proper drainage of excess rain and flood water and is ideal for integration into Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), especially in areas prone to flooding or with water dispersion problems.  

In addition to parking lots, GeoGrid may be installed for access routes, entrance areas, outdoor sports facilities, fire and emergency routes, private driveways or golf cart paths. Manufactured from 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene, GeoGrid offers a simple interlocking design for efficient installation.  

How does it work? The grids are lifted directly from the pallet as pre-connected sections of approximate 3.3 square feet. GeoGrid’s standard model supports loads of up to 32 tons per square feet while the premium model can handle up to 47.5 tons per square feet. 

Other GeoGrid advantages include:  

  • Ground reinforcement and stabilization grids that equal or surpass the axle or point load performance of other currently available 1.6 or 2 inches cellular geopavers. 
  • An option to fill the grid sections with aggregate or decorative stones, providing robust ground reinforcement in areas of high pedestrian or vehicle use. 
  • An option to seed the grid sections with grass to provide an environmentally friendly and aesthetic solution.  
  • Optional white or hi-visibility demarcation blocks to provide visibility for specific zones in parking lots, depot areas, disabled parking lots and traffic flow directions.

To learn more about the Geogrid Ground Protection System or other Checkers Safety products, contact us today for a consultation.  

Our service pros are trained to understand your safety issues and quickly assist you in finding the best safety products to meet your needs and bring your business into compliance.