How to Fix Soil Erosion in High Traffic Areas

Checkers GEOGrid System helps control erosion

Uncontrolled erosion in high traffic areas like gravel parking lots can have disastrous consequences. According to a brief concerning parking lot injuries, the National Safety Council (NSC) found that poor maintenance was one of the leading causes of injuries and accidents in parking lots. Gravel parking lots and driving paths are particularly susceptible to decay. Draining rainwater or snowmelt can carry away large amounts of gravel or stone over time, causing holes and uneven terrain to form.

Erosion control equipment—such as ground stabilization matting—is designed to help prevent erosion in gravel driveways and car parks. Ground stabilization mats will help disperse excess water in high traffic areas by promoting natural filtration. Matting systems also often incorporate a cellular configuration that prevents erosion by keeping stones or gravel in place.

Checkers is the industry leader in safety equipment designed for commercial operations and the everyday user. Our ground stabilization solutions are used by facilities worldwide to protect personnel and assets, as well as in many recreational and residential contexts. To help you find the proper erosion control equipment for you, here is a look at the Geo Grid Ground Cellular System from Checkers.

Stabilization and Erosion Control Mats from Checkers

GeoGrid® Ground Cellular System. The GeoGrid Ground Cellular System from Checkers is designed to provide a permanent solution to erosion. This system features a cellular design that will keep gravel in place while allowing water to pass through unimpeded. The high-density polyethylene construction of the Geo Grid system is flexible yet durable.

The individual cells of the GeoGrid system can be filled with a wide range of aggregate or decorative stones to create reliable ground reinforcement in areas prone to flooding. This system can also be seeded with grass to create a more natural aesthetic. The standard GeoGrid system features a 350-ton load-bearing capacity, and the premium GeoGrid system can support up to 500 tons.

Demarcation blocks are also available to indicate particular zones, such as handicap parking areas or directions of traffic flow. The GeoGrid Ground Cellular System is an innovative erosion control solution ideal for use in high traffic areas, including car parks, driveways, golf cart paths, equestrian areas, and emergency routes.

The GeoGrid System Provides a Drainage Solution

Not only is the GeoGrid Ground Stabilization System an innovative erosion control measure, but it is also designed to provide sustainable drainage to promote harmony between manufactured infrastructure and the natural water cycle.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies sustainable drainage as low-impact development (LID) systems that are intended to promote green infrastructure. The cellular configuration of the GeoGrid system provides natural filtration and percolation to control runoff and encourage natural drainage.

Find the Erosion Control Solution that is Right for You

Erosion control matting is designed to provide ground reinforcement in gravel car parks, driveways, and other high traffic areas prone to erosion over time. Deploying the GeoGrid system in high traffic areas will help prevent accidents and injuries that result from holes or uneven terrain. The GeoGrid system will also help disperse excess water in areas prone to flooding and keep gravel roadways looking like new.

In addition to ground stabilization equipment, Checkers also offers a variety of other safety solutions for commercial facilities and the everyday user, including cable protectors to secure loose cable and hoses, wheel chocks that will prevent unintentional vehicle rolling, and warning whips that provide maximum vehicle visibility in hard-to-see environments.