A Guide to Ground Protection Matting Brands

Checkers ground protection mats

Ground protection mats are intended to provide stabilization, temporary accesses, and turf protection for heavy vehicles and equipment in a wide range of working contexts, including construction, landscaping, utilities and entertainment applications. For more than 30 years, Checkers ground protection mats have been the go-to solution for protecting sensitive lawns or agricultural areas from being damaged by vehicle or foot traffic.

When searching for the right ground protection mat, don’t be fooled by knockoffs. Checkers is the industry leader in ground matting solutions and offers many different options depending on what context it will be used in. Our durable, weather-resistant mats are available for any size equipment, with market-leading load-bearing capacities . To help you find the right protective or stabilization mat, here is a look at some of the mat brands available from Checkers, as well as an overview of their intended application.

Ground Protection Mat Brands Available from Checkers


For working conditions that require reliable ground stabilization for heavy equipment on unstable or sensitive ground conditions, AlturnaMAT ground protection mats are ideal. These ground protection mats create a stable operating surface for vehicles and equipment weighing up to 120 tons – the highest load-bearing capacity in the industry. The AlturnaMAT features a diamond plate surface that provides superior traction to prevent vehicle sliding, and optional hand holes allow for convenient transportation.

AlturnaMAT ground protection mats are designed to conform to the contour of the ground in order to provide a stable surface for vehicles and equipment to traverse. These mats can also be locked together with Turn-A-Link connectors to create a firm and secure pathway for vehicles. The AlturnaMAT features a durable recycled polyethylene construction and is available in black or clear. All AlturnaMATS come with a lifetime limited warranty.


In addition to providing ground protection and stabilization for heavy vehicles or equipment, multi-functional VersaMATS feature a less-aggressive tread that is convenient for pedestrian traffic. The low-profile and slip-resistant design of these mats makes them ideal for preventing pedestrian slips and falls. With the same load capacity of the AlturnaMAT, the VersaMAT offers two tread surfaces for the bottom side - the AlturnaMAT diamond plate tread that makes it suitable for use as a vehicle trackway or parking area, or a smooth surface for hard surface protection.

The VersaMAT incorporates HDPE construction that is durable enough to perform in harsh working conditions. Optional Turn-A-Link connectors are also available so users can create extended matting runs. The VersaMAT is available in black or clear and includes a limited lifetime warranty.


TrakMAT ground protection mats from Checkers are designed to enable large vehicles and equipment to easily traverse sensitive lawns and agricultural areas without causing damage. TrakMATS are also intended to offer stability for vehicles operating on unstable surfaces and prevent equipment from getting stuck in muddy areas. With a load capacity of 90 tons, these ground protection mats feature a recycled high-density polyethylene construction that is durable and easy to transport.

The optional connectors will allow users to extend ground protection matting to any desired length, and the power cylinder tread surface incorporated into the TrakMAT provides excellent traction for vehicles. TrakMAT mats are also designed to conform to the ground in order to provide vehicles with a smooth operating surface. The hand holes allow for quick deployment in a variety of working conditions. The TrakMAT ground protection system is ideal for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial contexts, including construction, landscaping, utilities and entertainment applications. TrakMATS are available in green or black and carry a six-year limited warranty.


The LibertyMAT ground protection mat is ideal for a wide range of medium-duty applications, including temporary roadways, work pads, depot storage areas and pedestrian walkways. These lightweight mats feature a recycled high-density polyethylene construction that is durable enough to support vehicles and equipment weighing up to 80 tons. LibertyMATS also incorporate a unique chevron traction surface that offers superior grip in order to prevent vehicle sliding.

The low-profile design of LibertyMAT ground protection mats makes them perfect for use in outdoor events or as walkways. These mats feature handholes that make them easy to transport and deploy, and various connector options are available for creating extended runs. The flexible design of the LibertyMAT also enables it to conform to the contour of undulating or sloping ground conditions to provide maximum stability. LibertyMATS are available in black and come with a one-year limited warranty. 


The Mud-Traks ground protection matting system is an industry-leading mat designed for the harshest of terrains. These mats feature a solid composite fiberglass grid construction that can spread out a load over a wide area in order to provide maximum stability. The aggressive diamond tread incorporated into both sides of the Mud-Traks mat provides superior grip and will help vehicles maintain forward motion in muddy conditions. Mud-Traks mats come standard in an off-white coloring that keeps them cool and helps minimize damage to sensitive lawns or agricultural areas.

Mud-Traks are available in three thicknesses to determine load rating, with a peak strength of 63,000 psi. Because the mats do not conduct electricity, they are ideal for power line, transmission, and utilities work. All Mud-Traks carry a one-year limited warranty.

Find the Ground Protection Mat that is Right for You

Checkers is the industry leader in workplace safety equipment designed for industrial and commercial operations. Ground protection matting solutions from Checkers will provide a reliable operating surface for heavy vehicles and equipment as well as protection for lawns and sensitive agricultural areas. Take a look at our selection of ground protection and stabilization products today and find the matting products that are right for you.