Light-Duty Rubber Cable Protector Strips for Office Use


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Light-Duty Rubber Cable Protector Strips for Office Use

Checkers light-duty rubber cable protector strips cover and protect cables and cords in walkways and work areas, preventing cable damage and reducing tripping hazards. Our rubber office cable protector strips are durable, easy to install, and available in both 5ft and 10ft lengths. They are constructed from industrial-grade rubber for durability and feature a grooved underside for improved traction. All rubber cable protectors can be slit at the bottom for easy cord insertion, and larger protectors are supplied with a pre-slit base.

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We stock rubber cable protector strips suitable for a range of locations and cable protection needs. They include single-channel protectors for cables from 14 gauge up to 1.5 inches. We also offer multi-channel cable protectors in two- and three-channel varieties. Cable protector strips are ideal for various common cable dimensions, including phone lines, standard power cords, CAT 5 cable, and more.