Light-Duty Fastlane® Cable Protector Parts & Accessories


Light-Duty Fastlane Cable Protector Parts & Accessories

Checkers' cable protector accessories extend Fastlane light-duty cable covers, which protect cables and hoses up to 1-inch in diameter from pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Cable cover accessories include corner covers and anti-slip rubber traction kits.

  • Corner covers allow users to create complex cable and hose runs with 90° or 45° angles and include both right-turn and left-turn corners.
  • Anti-Slip Traction Kits keep cable protectors in place. They include the Anti-Slip Rubber Pad Kit and the Carpet Kit with Velcro brand fasteners.

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Drop-on cable protector accessories feature a robust and easily-fitted L-shaped connector for a modular interlocking design. They can protect cable runs of any length or complexity. Cable protector accessories are equipped with a patented 5-bar tread surface for increased traction and are available in universal safety colors, including red, yellow, and black.