13'5" x 6'8" TuffTrak®XL Ultimate Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mat - TTXL

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Product Summary

  • Composite mat for heavy equipment, machinery and multiple vehicles
  • Solid one piece construction
  • Unique Chevron Traction® surface on one side of mat
  • Create tough durable working areas and temporary roads for heavy equipment
  • Non-conductive - ideal for use on transmission projects
  • Connection options for different terrain & equipment


TuffTrak®XL sets a standard as the ultimate heavy-duty road mat, designed to provide unparalleled performance in various industries and applications. Crafted from tough 100% recycled Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), TuffTrak®XL stands out as the leading solid compression-molded mat on the market.

Its innovative design makes TuffTrak®XL lighter and more cost-effective to transport compared to other composite mats, resulting in fewer transportation expenses. The chemically inert nature of the mat makes it ideal for use on environmentally sensitive sites, offering a solid construction that is highly resistant to punctures, thereby mitigating the risk of invasive species or cross-contamination between different work sites.

This composite mat is engineered for heavy equipment, machinery, and multiple vehicles, featuring solid one-piece construction for unmatched durability and reliability. With a unique Chevron Traction® surface on one side and a low-profile surface on the other, TuffTrak®XL provides flexible applications for drilling rigs, work pads, depot areas, helipads, and beyond.

TuffTrak®XL is also non-conductive, making it the ideal solution for transmission projects. With its connection options for different terrains and equipment, this mat offers versatile and dependable temporary access for all types of weather and ground conditions.

Used in a variety of industries, including Civil Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities maintenance, Transmission, Infrastructure, and Military Sites, TuffTrak®XL has been internationally proven to deliver heavy-duty temporary access, showcasing its exceptional reliability and adaptability.

With its dual traction surface, TuffTrak®XL offers a pedestrian-friendly low-profile traction surface on one side and a rugged nub design Chevron Traction surface on the other. The Chevron Traction surface delivers exceptional grip, dispels mud during vehicle traversal, and minimizes sideways movement and slippage for optimal forward traction, making it an essential choice for heavy vehicles and machinery.

ACME bolt connection systems are included with every mat. Use specially designed connectors (TTXLSCONN) for linking multiple mats on unstable surfaces or rough terrain. Typically two connectors are used per mat. TTXLSCONN sold as single units. 


More Information
Model No TTXL
Badge New
UPC 662641885424
Color Black
Quantity Included 1
Load Capacity 330,693
Load Capacity 330,693
Length (Inches) 161
Width (Inches) 80
Height (Inches) 1.87
Load Capacity, lbs 330,693



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