Medium-Duty Linebacker® Cable Ramp Protector Parts and Accessories


Medium-Duty Linebacker® Cable Ramp Protector Parts and Accessories

Linebacker Series parts and accessories extend the capabilities of the medium-duty Linebacker Series Cable Protection System, our strongest and most durable cable protection solution. The LineBacker Series is engineered to protect electrical cables and hose lines in harsh industrial, military, and commercial environments with heavy vehicle traffic or extreme weather conditions.

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The Linebacker Series is a modular, interconnected system with easy-to-use T-connectors. Users can protect cable runs of any length or complexity by integrating a range of accessories, including:

  • 45 left and right turn cable covers
  • 45° “Y” cable covers
  • 90° 4-way covers

With the Protector Bridges accessory, you can also extend cable runs horizontally. Protector Bridges occupy the space between parallel cable protector runs, adding channels while creating a continuous level surface for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Further accessories include ADA ramp attachments, ramp rails, and a convenient four-wheel transport cart for easier transportation, setup, and storage.