Stage Cable Management and Flooring

For DJs, Musicians, and Performers

When you see a performer on stage, you don’t always think about all the details that actually go into setting up, operating, and breaking down, whether it’s a pop music concert, DJ or dance show, or stand-up comedian.

The technical crew has to consider, among other things, the stage layout, required sound system, and most importantly, the different cables and cords that will run along the stage and throughout the venue during the performance and make the sound and video work.

Venue Stage Setup Layout

Specific types of stage setups and layouts are required for different types of performances. A simple concert might need less stage space than a DJ. In those cases, they will require DJ booths, multiple sets of turntables, various electronic support and cords and cables that allow them to function.

DJs, Amps, Instrument Cables, and More

Cables are hardly the most glamorous part of a performance. But without them, nothing works.

Some DJs use cables to transmit electrical audio signals from one end to another. Stand-up comedians, on the other hand, may only require a single microphone with some cables connecting it to the sound system and broadcasting to the audience, with maybe some additional cables required for set pieces of music or video.

All performance artists will need cables and stage cords, and a crew that specializes in providing sound to an array of performances.

How to Organize Stage Cords

Regardless of what type of show you are producing, you need to protect and organize your cords. Solutions include cable ties, cable mats and cable covers.

To organize audio and stage cables, you’ll want to invest in speaker cable covers and stage cable covers. Talk with your technical crew about stage cable management ideas. Use Velcro cable ties and fully wrap cables together, or even better, store them in a cable channel organizer. Invest in sophisticated power strips with inputs for USB plugs and traditional three-pronged plugs, as well as HDMI inputs, if possible.

Consider investing in the Checkers Safety™ Firefly® illuminated 5-channel cable protector to ensure entertainment and staff members don't trip while taking the stage. It has a built-in battery-powered LED in the ramps and brightly colored lids for increased visibility in low light situations.

If you do it right, you’ll end up with one single wrap for all the cables behind your mixer, DJ controller, DJ media players or turntables, and you’ll be able to plug them into their respective jacks.