Top 10 Best Ground Protection Solutions

From commercial landscaping to construction site management, ground protection and ground stabilization are two equally vital necessities for maintaining a safe, clutter-free and client-friendly environment.  


In fact, ground protection and ground stabilization —if mishandled—can play havoc with the job site, from ruts created by steel-tracked vehicles to uneven ground base support. Not only can a lack of quality ground protection solutions lead to injuries, but it can also create an ugly finished product for the client—especially when it comes to landscaping.  




Ground protection solutions are ideal for base reinforcement and subgrade improvement and can offer cost-effective options. Checkers Safety™ has a robust track record when it comes to providing top-notch ground protection products, including ground protection matting, outrigger crane pads and ground stabilization systems. So, let’s take a deeper dive into these solutions — here are the Top 10 Best Ground Protection Solutions: 

1. AlturnaMAT®

AlturnaMAT is a real rock star in the Checkers Safety line of ground protection mats, delivering safer and robust temporary-access roadways or working platforms for construction or landscaping vehicles and site personnel. Many models of are easily deployed by two team members reducing worker downtime.  

Boasting a diamond-plate tread design, the flexible construction of AlturnaMAT allows the matting to follow the contours of the ground, delivering a highly effective access solution over undulating or sloping ground conditions. AlturnaMAT is made of 0.5-inch-thick HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

2. VersaMAT®

VersaMAT is…well … versatile. This multi-functional ground protection mat provides the additional benefit of a walking or standing/working surface with a heavy load capacity for construction equipment with the same strength as the AlturnaMAT. 

VersaMAT offers a low-profile, slip-resistant traction surface for pedestrian applications. Not only does VersaMAT sport the high-grip AlturnaMAT tread on the underside to grip the ground, but it is also available with a smooth surface. 

VersaMAT can be used as a vehicle trackway, vehicle parking areas or a staging area for supplies and equipment. Finally, VersaMAT is manufactured from 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene and is flexible. It will follow the ground contour making access safer on sloping or undulating ground conditions.  

3. TrakMAT

Manufactured from 100-percent recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the TrakMAT ground protection solution offers a load-bearing capacity of up to 90 tons, allowing large vehicles to easily travel over grass, sidewalks, driveways and other surfaces without causing damage. TrakMAT also stops vehicles from getting stuck in the mud or other obstacles. That makes TrakMAT ideal for construction, landscaping, utilities, events and leisure applications. 

TrakMAT’s unique power-cylinder tread surface enhances grip and forward motion of vehicles. In addition, two or four-way urethane connectors and u-stakes work with TrakMAT to create a firm trackway or work pad. 

4. LibertyMAT

A medium-duty ground protection mat with load-bearing capacity up to 80 tons, LibertyMAT gives your team an array of applications, including temporary roadways, work pads, depot storage areas or as pedestrian access. Weighing in at 77 pounds, LibertyMAT frees up downtime by allowing placement with just two workers and features our unique Chevron Traction surface design, providing optimal grip and improved forward motion of vehicles.  

Like the aforementioned mats, LibertyMAT  is flexible and will follow the ground contour making access safer on sloping or undulating ground conditions. Finally, LibertyMAT (as well as all other mats) provides a range of connector options including 4-way connectors, 2-way connectors, flex connectors and fast fit connectors for quicker installations.  

5. Mud-Traks

Mud-Traks features a solid, composite fiberglass-grid structure design that distributes the tire load throughout the mat, resulting in a load-bearing capacity of up to 100,000 pounds and making this solution ideal for use in the heavy construction, civil engineering, transmission, utilities and oil/gas industries. With a hearty diamond-tread surface on both sides, Mud-Traks gives maximal grip for forward motion of vehicles.

Mud-Traks is constructed with a unique off-white color. Why does that matter? It keeps the mat cool in the heat, minimizing damage to grass. Rope handles make installation easy for two workers and connector options are available using drop-in steel bolt connectors.  

6. Outrigger Pads

Stabilization of cranes on a job site is a critical safety protocol requiring premium outrigger crane pads. Checkers’ outrigger crane pads are constructed from a high-quality, specially formulized polyethylene so they won’t splinter or crack, are non-conductive and won’t absorb water. Each pad adapts to the working surface and returns to its original shape once the work is complete. Our SafetyTech outrigger pads offer a vertical load bearing capacity of up to 140,000 pounds. 

7. GeoGrid Paving Systems

Checkers’ GeoGrid Ground Protection System is a cellular grid paving system offering permanent ground reinforcement and stabilization. GeoGrid’s design allows proper drainage of excess rain and flood water and is ideal for integration into Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), especially in areas prone to flooding or with water dispersion problems.  

GeoGrid is perfect for parking lots, access routes, entrance areas, outdoor sports facilities, fire and emergency routes, private driveways or golf cart paths. Manufactured from 100-percent recycled high-density polyethylene, GeoGrid offers a simple interlocking design for efficient installation.  

8. Turn-A-Link

Turn-A-Link provides an extra layer of safety and protection for our ground protection mats in cases where the surface is uneven or rough--large bumps, humps, divots or rocks--keeping the roadway or pathway in place as the vehicle navigates over the mats across uneven terrain. As such, Turn-A-Link is the clear option for AlturnaMAT and VersaMAT. Turn-A-Links secure mats together to form a semi-permanent (yet portable), continuous roadway, walkway or working platform.  

Varieties include Single Round, Double Round, Single Flat and Double Flat.  

Round versions are ideal for vehicles with rubber tires while flat links work well for pedestrian and steel track equipment. Lower profile flat links reduce tripping hazards for pedestrians. Single links connect two mats end-to-end or side-to-side to create a roadway while double links create a platform by connecting four mats together at common corners.  


MATPAKs offer the premium features of the AlturnaMAT in a bundle that includes 12 mats, a metal storage rack, 20 single Turn-A-Links, and two ratchet straps—a perfect one-stop solution.  

10. Linking Accessories

To complete your ground protection plan, we offer a variety of linking accessories. Turn-A-Links lock mats together to form a semi-permanent, yet portable continuous roadway, walkway or working platform. Use single links to connect two mats end-to-end or side-to-side to create a roadway; double links can create a platform by connecting four mats together at the common corners. Links are steel with galvanized coating to protect from rust.  

E-Z Links are a quick and convenient linking system. Links are suitable for pedestrian applications as well as movement of light, compact equipment (less than 12,000 GVW) when on stable ground conditions. Single or double options are available to suit your application. 


Ready to find the right ground protection and stabilization solutions for your needs? Contact a Checkers service professional today.