Top Cable Protector Solutions

Damaged or exposed cables—electrical, coaxial hose lines or A/V—can bring work at a job site to a grinding halt and quickly become a safety hazard, not to mention the potential for thousands of dollars in damages and downtime. At worksites with light to heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the deployment of top-notch, industry-leading solutions such as a cable protector ramp or floor cable protector is vital to safety maintenance.  


Checkers Safety™ understands the importance of next-level protection for above-ground cables. That’s why we offer a wide array of solutions: 

Light Duty Cable Protectors for General Purpose 

Need a quick  solution to cable protection? Light-duty, 1-channel drop-over cable protectors may fit the bill. Available in several high-visibility colors, the Fastlane model is constructed of robust polyurethane and features patented L-Connectors that make attachment of additional protectors a snap. The Fastlane offers a five-bar tread surface suitable for cart and pedestrian traffic. Compact and easy to set up, the Fastlane features a low profile and can handle cable sizes up to one-half inch.  



Guard Dog Cable Protector Covers 

Much like a loyal, rugged canine sentry, the Guard Dog medium-duty cable protector stands guard over your cabling as a versatile solution made to handle both pedestrian and over-the-road vehicle traffic. Sporting a modular, interlocking design, Guard Dog is ideal for use in amusement parks, entertainment venues, sporting events, and most public, commercial, industrial, construction and utility applications. 


Although Guard Dog cable protectors are available in a variety of types—from 1 to 5 channels—the Guard Dog 5-Channel Cable Protector offers the highest level of protection with a hinged lid, a modular, interlocking design and the capacity to protect cables and hoses with an outside diameter of up to 1.325 inches. With optional Dog Bone connectors, Guard Dog can extend to any length. Its 5-bar tread surface ensures maximum traction for both vehicles and pedestrians. One of the most common uses of Guard Dog is the protection of electrical cables at event centers, concerts, and amusement parks. 


Guard Dog Cable Protectors are Checkers Safety most popular cable management solution. 



Yellow Jacket Cable Protection 

It’s the original cable protector. In fact, Yellow Jacket has been creating a buzz in the world of cable protection over the last 30 years and counting.  


One of the top models from the Yellow Jacket line, 5-Channel ADA Cable Protectors provide the highest quality of safe passage for heavier vehicles and pedestrians with the added bonus of built-in ADA accessibility ramps requiring no separate connectors. In addition, the system connects directly to other 5-channel standard ramp Yellow Jacket cable protectors. 

Heavy Duty Linebacker 

When safety is the name of the game, the Linebacker tackles the toughest cable protection jobs. The 5-channel model sports a hinged lid and includes a patented 5-bar tread surface for maximum traction, making this rugged model ideal for oil and gas applications, mining, military and other industrial environments with heavy trucks and forklifts. 



Checkers Safety ground protection solutions are not limited to cables. We offer Hose Bridge Systems, Tunnel Systems, Extreme Crossover and Overhead Cable Management solutions. Contact our trained service professionals today to discover your customized cable protection strategy.