Guard Dog Accessories for Medium Duty Cable Protection


Guard Dog Accessories for Medium Duty Cable Protection

Guard Dog Medium Duty Cable Cover accessories are part of the Guard Dog Cable Protection System, which protects electrical cables and hose lines while providing a safe crossing point for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We construct all Guard Dog cable protectors and accessories from all-weather polyurethane. They feature a hinged lid for easy cable placement and a modular design with robust interlocking Dog Bone connections for building cable cover runs of any size.

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In addition to 3-channel and 5-channel cable protectors, the Guard Dog series includes accessories that make it the most flexible general-purpose cable protection solution available. They include:

  • 45° left and right turn units.
  • 90° 4-way cross units.
  • Accessibility ramps and rails.
  • Protector bridges for additional cable channels.

Guard Dog cable covers and accessories are suitable for environments that include amusement parks, sporting events, industrial and construction sites, utility applications, and more.