Bumble Bee Accessories for Medium Duty Cable Protection


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Bumble Bee Accessories for Medium Duty Cable Protection

Bumble-Bee medium-duty cable covers are 5-channel cable protectors suitable for indoor and outdoor areas with high traffic volumes. Each channel protects cables and hoses up to 1.25 inches in outside diameter. As a comprehensive cable protection system with a modular interlocking design, Bumble Bee connects to a range of accessories via built-in Dog Bone or T-connectors, including 90° 4-way cross connectors, 45° Y-connectors, and end boots. These accessories provide maximum flexibility, allowing users to quickly construct cable and hose runs in a wide variety of configurations.

In addition to various cable cover connectors, the Bumble Bee range also includes a Cable Protector Transport Cart, a rugged four-wheel cart to store and transport multiple cable cover units.