Extreme Crossover Pads for Cable Protection for Mining & Construction | 1-5 Channel


Extreme Crossover Pads for Cable Protection for Mining & Construction, 1-5 Channel

Extreme Crossover Pads from Checkers provide maximum protection for cables and hoses used in mining and construction applications. These cable protectors feature a heavy-duty urethane construction that is designed to withstand thousands of pounds of weight. Extreme Crossover protectors are also built to withstand rocks and debris that fall from trucks in construction or mining environments.

Extreme heavy-duty cable protection pads have been extensively tested to ensure oil, chemical, abrasion, tear, and temperature resistance. These crossover cable protectors also feature modular connectors that can extend cable protection to any length. Users can use crossover pads to reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for burying or rerouting cables that could be damaged by heavy vehicles.

Type 1 and 2 Extreme Crossover Pads are manufactured with mold-in hand holds for easier transportation. Type 3 and 4 Extreme Crossover Pads are built with mold-in through holes that enable users to move cable protectors using a tow chain. The heavy-duty cable protection pads are ideal for industrial environments with large vehicles and equipment.