3' x 8' MambaMAT® Composite Mat for Ground Protection, 95 Ton Load Capacity, Black - MM38

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Product Summary

  • Ergonomic orientation with 8 standard hand holes, significantly improves ease of handling for users
  • Designed to support weights of up to 95 tons helping to preserve the condition of the property, avoiding expensive repair or restoration expenses
  • Reliable pedestrian traction mitigates the risks of accidents and injuries
  • Flexible construction follows the contours of the ground, delivering effective access solutions on sloping or undulating ground conditions
  • Model MM38 Specifications: 3-ft W x 8-ft L; 64 lbs. 


Introducing MambaMAT®, the game-changer in construction site safety. These new composite ground mats from Checkers provide a convenient and economical solution to lawn and ground protection.

One of the most common headaches in construction and landscaping projects is equipment getting stuck in unstable ground conditions. This can result in costly downtime and the need to hire specialized experts for equipment removal. With MambaMAT composite ground mats, those worries fade away. Thanks to their superior strength and anti-sinking properties, the likelihood of equipment becoming stuck is significantly reduced. Make delays and additional costs a thing of the past, preserving the condition of your property and avoiding expensive repair or restoration expenses that contractors are typically responsible for.

Designed with ergonomic hand holes, MambaMATs are easy to handle, which can help save time and increase productivity. These mats are built to withstand immense loads, supporting weights of up to 95 tons. They also offer 4-bar pedestrian tread for enhanced traction, minimizing the risks of slip-and-fall accidents, injuries and subsequent legal liabilities in busy work environments where workers frequently navigate slippery or uneven surfaces.

MambaMAT Construction Mats – Ideal for Small to Midsized Companies 

Choose MambaMAT composite matting for temporary access or construction projects and experience the reliability, durability, strength, and safety that Checkers is known for. These mats offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for companies that operate in light construction, pool construction, landscaping, utilities or arborists segments. Common applications are temporary pathways and access roads on construction or work sites to ensure effective protection against damage to the underlying ground, preventing soil erosion and promoting safety for both vehicles and pedestrians. The MambaMAT comes in two size options and includes a 1-year limited warranty. 


More Information
Model No MM38
Badge New
Color Black
Load Capacity 95
Load Capacity 95
Length (Inches) 96
Width (Inches) 36
Height (Inches) 0.5
Load Capacity, lbs 95



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