Corner Guards and Wall Guards


Increased Parking Safety for Parking Columns and Garage Walls

Durable Rubber with High-Impact Resistance

Corner guards and wall guards from Checkers are cost-efficient damage prevention solutions that help protect the surrounding infrastructure and vehicles in parking facilities. Manufactured from high-impact virgin rubber, our corner guards and wall guards are long-lasting, durable, and affordable solutions that are highly visible and easy to install. High-intensity reflective tape increases visibility – especially at night and provides the necessary guidance to drivers when parking in tight spots. Checkers corner guards and wall guards are ideal for surface and multi-level parking lots, interior factory locations, warehouse walls, and areas surrounding loading docks.

Our corner and wall guards can be easily installed by one person and are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Constructed from high-impact thick resistance natural rubber that is flexible and absorbs the force of impact, our corner and wall guards will bounce back from an impact. The reflective yellow safety stripes bring attention to corners from a distance or in dimly lit areas. Wall guards and corner guards can be mounted vertically or horizontally along walls or beams to prevent damage. Requiring minimal maintenance, Checkers wall and corner guards are heavy-duty and designed to withstand all weather conditions.