Checkers Industrial Acquires SVE Portable Roadway Systems

Checkers has acquired SVE Portable Roadway Systems.

“Checkers is a leader in asset protection, which synergizes with the products SVE offers. The acquisition of SVE by Checkers opens doors to other markets and industries that we in the past haven’t had a foothold. SVE is proud to now be a part of the Checkers family,” said former SVE President Art Price when asked about the acquisition.

The SVE product offering includes brands MUD-TRAKS®, TRAKMAT®, SHOR-MAT®, and more, serving the construction, utility, landscaping, and drilling markets. These product lines will now fall under Checkers’ growing ground protection category.

“SVE is the second ground protection/matting company recently acquired by Checkers, exponentially growing us in that market. With the addition of the SVE brands we are also acquiring a strong product line, known within the industry for being a pioneer in ground protection,” said Checkers’ Executive Vice President Jack Roser.

SVE Portable Roadway Systems acquired by Checkers

“The acquisition of SVE complements the earlier acquisition of AlturnaMATS® in March 2015, and helps to round out our product offerings in ground protection, with our existing AlturnaMATS®, VersaMATS® and ClearMATS® brands,” said Steve Gottlieb, Checkers’ Director of Sales & Marketing.

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